UPS doctors in the back pocket of UPS

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    Hello, my name is Vincent, I have worked for UPS for 17 yrs. I was doing a pickup when a spill occurred and the company I was delivering to told me that I was breathing in cough syrup but I got sick, ultimately, I called the police, hazmat was called in after I left the building and now my lungs fill up with mucus when I walk around my house or do anything that I'm used to doing. I have been to 7 doctors 3 which are UPS doctors 3 pulmonologist and all 3 say I have severe obstruction in my lungs. UPS doctors after 8 months say I have asthma and scarred lungs and central nervous system damage. That's just a couple of my health isssues, but it has been 15 months and I still have not received any workers compensation, my family and I just bought a home and my wife and I just gave birth to a new little baby boy. We don't know what to do but we know that local 177 in nj won't help us and UPS won't return my calls what can we do. I have a website setup at upswrong I would truly appreciate any feed back or stories that I know many of you out there can relate to. On my site, (upswrong) I have a link to the advertiser news. In this link, there is a newspaper article that advises the working class of the atrocities that my company has bestowed upon my family and I
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    what did you end up breathing in???
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    I can understand that you feel UPS is trying to avoid paying workmans comp but what is the state workmans comp commission saying about your case?
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    You need to go see a LAWYER now!!!!!!!!!! Forget workmans comp. You need to collect from The company you were delivering to as well as UPS. I guaruntee you won't have to worry about workmans comp, if you get the right LAWYER.

    GO NOW!!!!
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    i breathed in a substance called phenol 1gram of phenol has been known to kill grown men
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    to the best of my knowledge, i haveto go after ups but it has taken over 1 1/2 years and I am still not in court. i am on the verge of losing
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    to the best of my knowledge, i haveto go after ups but it has taken over 1 1/2 years and I am still not in court. i am on the verge of losing MY HOUSE AND MY
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    Thanks For Your Support. I Do Have A Lawyer But It Has Been 15 Mos. Thus Far, I Am Still Sicker Than Ever And Ups Has Made It Crystal Clear That They Do Not Give A Damn. I Would Also Like To Add That During My Long Career At Ups, I Have Never Had An Accident Or Complaint Against Me You Give This Company Your All And In Return They Give You Nothing Thanks For Your Support
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    Thumbs Up To You To Buddy But What Are You Exactly Trying To Say
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    Is there anything that we as UPS employees can do to help other than spread the word. If you can come up with something, I will be more than happy to devote my spare time and resources to the cause.

    These types of thing piss me off to no end.
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    Also, there is a website ( that one of my favorite musicians helped start and they are dedicated to exposing corporations for this sort of activity. Maybe, you should contact them with your story and the stories of the others on UPSwrong. It can't hurt.
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    I contacted the founders of and gave them your story and asked them to visit the site (UPSwrong).

    Best of luck to you and if you come up with anything let us know.
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    I'm still not real clear on what was the nature of the business where you experienced the exposure? A cough medicine factory?
    I agree with the need to get a good lawyer now!
    I don't know if going to the local news station so they can do a story on your dilemma would be a good idea at this particular moment.
    The company doctors will tell you anything they think you are stupid enough to believe, after all, that's what the company pays them to do....downplay injuries.
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    I remember reading an article about his story a few weeks ago, and I found it at:

    Straus Newspapers - Advertiser News/News
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    First off, if you are seriously injured by someone else's negligence, you have every right to sue them. It seems to me your first claim should be against the company that had the problem of the spill, but any good lawyer is not going to stop there. From the way you post, I would fire your lawyer and actually hire someone competant.

    I once injured my knee at UPS and went over to the clinic. It was taking so long to be seen, I went over to my file and started reading it. There were instructions in there to the doctor, not to put people on disability, but instead to refer them to light duty. My light duty was to drive a van of late NDA and deliver it over a pretty wide area. The fluid on my knee didn't seem to bother anybody when they sent me running all over town. Even on light duty, they found a way to stress me out.
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    I think putting people on "light duty" keeps "loss time" injuries/accidents away from OSHA's attention.

    I believe the company can be fined for too many loss time incidents, once again proving that the company doesn't care about the individual just about themselves.
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    You are so right, UPS does not care about their employee's after they get hurt on the job. I spoke to an employee at one of the facilities where UPS sends their employee's when they get hurt , and she told me that UPS "suits" come over and demand to the doctors to send the employee's back to work the same day, hurt or not. She told me that she would go to court for me and other employee's, if need be. We need to stand together and start what our union's should be, but are not. (Why should we pay our dues if they are not working for the employee's)Since I posted my blog UPS drivers have been e-mailing me from all over the country with simuliar problems, I wonder do we have grounds to start a class action lawsuit?
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    Sendagain is right, it sounds like you don;t have the RIGHT Lawyer for your case. I would FIRE your current Lawyer and find one who has a record of dealing with these kind of cases. If you have a small "hometown" city lawyer you probably have the wrong guy.

    Also, guys all we really are is a number to any company that we work for, whether it is UPS or Wal Mart, or the Twinkie company. If we are hurt, we are a liability to them and can no longer "PRODUCE" for them. It's sad, but that's the corporate thing to do when someone get;s hurt. I've seen it time and time again, not just with UPS.
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    Upsgoingdown, why are you not going after the company that caused your injuries? I find it odd that you are consistently complaining about what UPS has or hasn't done for you but have nothing to say about what the pharmaceutical company has done. I think this is beyond the scope of workman's comp - this is gross negligence. Certainly UPS is responsible, but not to the degree that you want.

    Go on disability, I know it sucks, and sue the pharamceutical company, not only for the physical damage they caused you, but for the wages you will lose while being unable to work.

    And I hope you get better. Phenol is a very bad substance to be around, let alone the type of exposure you received.