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I am interested in becoming a delivery with either UPS or FedEx, as I plan on returning to school to pursue my education. It appears that both companies would allow me to do that, while getting an income.

There is a local opening for a part-time FedEx Express delivery driver (between 17-30 hours weekly). What sort of benefits do part-time FedEx Express drivers receive? (health, sick, vacation, travel, etc..)
Also, is there an opportunity to become a full-time driver and how long does this promotion usually take?

It's my understanding that, in order to become a UPS delivery driver, one must be a package handler for a few years, is that correct?

Is it possible to work part-time for FedEx (delivery driver) and also part-time for UPS (handler)? In the long run, I may prefer driving for UPS, I'm just not sure at this point.

Thank you for any suggestions! :cool:


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not 100% sure on this one, however, i find it highly unlikely that you would be allowed to willingly work for competing companies at the same time. you know conflict of interest etc etc, and if u did, your supervisors would be on you like white on rice each day.


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We used to have a shop steward who also drove for Airborne (he was a shop steward there too!)

So, yes you can.


Thank you for the replies. I do not know how much of a career I want to make out of being a driver, but if it's going to be long-term, I might as well make it at UPS.

Since I must be a handler prior to becoming a driver (at UPS), I'd love to be able to work the AM shift as a courier at FedEx, and work the 5-8pm shift as a handler for UPS. That way, I can build seniority at UPS in the event I choose to become a driver there.