Ups Freight You Have A Choice!

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    As upsfrieght drivers you should think long and hard before you join the IBTUnion.Ask the questions?What do you have to offer me as now we the (New employees) of UPS,i can almost guarentee that the only thing they are after is are overnite pension,and all the new dues you will be paying.Ask if you will still be able to retire at thirty years at age fifty five.Ask if they will protect you're company seniority or if you will be considered a new hire like UPS already considers you.Ask if you're time with overnite will count towards you're union pension.Think about it why would you whant to join a union that supports all other truking companys ?Take alook at the apwa this could be are union the newUPS union are benifits are retirement taken care of are familys.Or you can become a IBT member and hand over are100%funded retirement that no IBT member has ever contributed too.Lets keep are pensions safe make the right choice for you're fellow workers and you're family!any122
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    think about your family...Are they after our retirement?

    sorry in advance but I had 2:crying:
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    ......and when you're driving across our picket lines to enter our terminals during a strike be sure to relish those pats on the back from management.
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    They’ve crossed Big Tough Teamster picket lines before.

    Outlasted them too. Spanked you good.

    Hopefully you’ll be around when they do it again.

    Nothing in the world quite like rolling through the gate with a group of pot bellied feeder drivers sitting in lawn chairs holding signs (on the outside where they belong).

    They have only one real choice – they can be a Teamster or they can have a future. They’ll choose wisely, I'm sure.

    You should quit playing on the computer and update your resume. Keep a copy handy. You can get all sorts of nice paper at Office Depot to print it on and even matching envelopes.

    Make it snazzy because you’re getting a little long in the tooth to be running around with your hat in your hand begging work.

    You’ll be competing with kids many years younger – ones without the indignity of being a Teamster in their recent past.

    I'm serious.

    Just go to one of the AMT crybaby sites and you can read all sorts of postings by out of work Northwest mechanics. Some of those dopes haven't found a job in over a year.

    Not many companies tripping over themselves to hire a washed up, 50-something, surly ex-NWA AMFA member, evidently.

    The same will apply to you so you have to be prepared.

    You’ll thank me for that advice one day soon.
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    well driver I have seen IBT members shoot at our drivers throw bricks at us and now they want us to join yea ok.where use to that treatment from the IBT
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    OK driver overnite drivers are use to that kind of treatment we've had bricks thrown at us been shot at you name it but thanks anyway
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    I understand your point.
    If you owned "blahblah parcel service" you probably wouldn't want a third party (the union) sticking their noses in your business. Without the union you would be free to abuse, neglect and exploit your employees. Your pockets, as well as the shareholders (probably your family), would be lined even more money. The "family" as you and your's would become known as, would be rich many times over while the worker ants are barely making a living.
    If people didn't do stupid things we, the public, wouldn't need the police, lawyers, courts, judges, the military, the union and other intermediaries to mediate.
    Big business says they love you (as long as you march to their tune) but see what happens the first time you question them or try to change working conditions that work so well for them.
    As far as pot-bellied feeder drivers........I've seen my fair share of butterball Overnite drivers.
  8. over9five

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    Blahblan is right. We're on our way out. Two years left.

    Prepare now. Pay off those bills. Be ready.
  9. trickpony1

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    If I thought the company could run things on the "up and up" instead of under the table....I would be all for it. We could all retire millionaires, possibly several times over but:
    -it's the nature of big business to be greedy;
    -it's the nature of big business to consider their employees dispensable;
    -it's the nature of big business to do things without the consent of those involved (remember the thrift plan?);
    -I could go on and on but you've been aroung long enough to know what I'm talking about.

    Once again it's........who do I trust the least?
    The union we have now is better than nothing.
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    Trick, I agree with all your points.

    Read each of your points. THAT is exactly why I have no hope of a happy outcome in 2008.

    And NO, I am not suggesting we all join APWA.

    I am, and for the next two years will be, living frugally and paying things off.
    I also have plans in motion for a possible career change.

    Be wise, be ready.

    God help us all in 2008.....
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    I am suggesting APWA it's our only hope I don't understand the people who admit they are afraid of what the 2008 contract will bring and what our future will be but they don't want to fight for it, do you want the ibt taking the rest of our hope and future away from us? They have sold us out time after time all they care about is the UPS cash cow it's time to put and end to it and we have the chance to do just that, we have a chance to get our pension our insurances and make a good living again look at trucker1946 on his post about when he hired and what he has now we can do that again but not with the ibt taking from us as they do
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    Re: Ups Frieght You Have A Choice!

    Thank god someone else said it.
  13. disneyworld

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    Get the hell out-plans for a career change? Excellent,me too!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I for one, think that anyone who puts up with the job at UPS for the required length of time, regardless of what job you do should retire with the ability to not look for another job. Your pension should be enough to support the lifestyle you have been accustomed to. UPS paid in to your pension fund and it should be returned to you in abundance. UPS has no control over how your pension is disbursed to you. UPS only pays into the multi-employer pension fund and how they disburse it is up to them. The problem lies with all the other multi-employers who are no longer employers, but they are still drawing from your money that UPS paid in for you. This is what happens in Communist countries.

    Your pension should only be a portion of your retirement plans. There are many options out there to pay for your retirement. You can invest in just about anything, what it takes is self discipline to do it. Payroll deductions are the easiest way, because once you start it, you don't have to worry about writing a check. It does not take a lot to do it either. You can go $5 per paycheck to get started and over time, that adds up. The more you set aside now, the better you will have it when you retire.

    As for the IBT, I have always said that there was a time in the past where the IBT was a good thing. There was a time when coming to work put your life at risk, not just at UPS, but pretty much any industry. I stand fast in my belief that the time has passed. Not for all unions, but it appears that the IBT is falling apart and that even their own members don't trust them either. Don't believe me, read some of the posts here. With all of the defunct companies out there who are taking your pension from you, I for one would be fired up and looking for an alternative. I know it is a brotherhood, but there comes a time when the brother needs to either get his act together, or get out of the house. To me, I see that it is that time.
    If there is an alternative, it may be worth exploring. I am not trying to tell anyone what to do, just an observation and a little advice.

    I have seen other posts that refer to "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't." If you are referring to the IBT as the devil, (figuratively of course), then perhaps maybe you should look into the new devil and see what is being offered. After all, when you retire and your pension fund is bankrupt, do you think all the other retirees who have taken your pension in the past are going to come bail you out. No they won't, they will thank you for paying for their retirement, and keep laughing. Who will bail you out then. The government won't, their too busy spending your tax dollars on $90 hammers, and fighting to keep our oil in the ground to protect a peice of land that few people will ever see. No, I submit that the only entity that will come to your aid is the very company that many people hate to work for, BIG BROWN, and the only thing that will be said then is "they should have done something sooner." You have the opportunity to make the change now, but the only thing I see is that many people are too scared to commit to making a change.

    I left the military after 10 years of service, empty handed, because I was displeased with the way my career path was going. I squandered the $1300 per month pay and did not save a thing. Plus, I was and still am married with one child, now 3 children. I put myself through college, no earn and learn. I worked p/t at UPS, and my wife raised our child. No I did not have another job either and no other income. We struggled for 3 years to get it done, but it has paid off in the long run. We do not live in a $250,000 house, though we could, we are happy living in a small single story home in the country with 3 acres of land. We did not like living the way we were, but we do not feel the need to show off now. We are happy and that is what counts. My point is change is not a bad thing. Poor planning and not reading the signs are bad things. The signs are all over the place about pension funds (not just the IBT, all of them), the bad thing is not everyone is paying attention to the signs because they are afraid of change.

    Either it gets fixed now or pay for it later, it is that simple.
  15. over9five

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    Excellent post, Lil Guy.

    The problem with all our careers, as I see it, is money.
    How much more do we want? I'm afraid the Union will put UPS out of business getting us raises. Remember, that's how they get their money.

    Also remember they're doing nothing to organize our biggest competition (Fedex). Don't tell me how hard that would be, thats BS. This would level the playing field for UPS big time.

    Sooner or later it will mean large give-backs just to keep UPS in business. And I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't work here for less.
  16. southerngrits

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    I still wonder why if the union is so great why they don't go after Fedex... someone is probably getting their pocket lined to not go after Fedex... I agree with leveling the playing field...
  17. ducky13swing

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    Let's compare the two driving positions:
    UPS-Union, no one is happy, and everyone is underpaid
    FedEx-No union, no one is happy, and everyone is underpaid

    UPS-2 million packages a day
    FedEx-200,000 packages a day

    UPS-All vehicles covered by a team of mechanics.
    FedEx-Drivers have to maintain their own vehicles.

    UPS-UPS provides the pacakage cars, and drivers complain that they are stuck in an old P1000
    FedEx-Drivers have to lease their package cars.

    UPS-Car washers fuel the package cars for the drivers.
    FedEx-Drivers have to pay for their fuel.

    UPS-drivers get paid an hourly rate. (Yes and sometimes they may be overdispatched.)
    FedEx-Drivers have to purchase routes from FedEx.

    UPS-Drivers are employees, excellent benefits package
    Fedex-Drivers are independent contractors. In other words, Self-Employed.

    Don't like big brown, there are alternatives.
    I bet the APWA could get some FedEx employees to sign up. Afterall, every union could use new members.

    Do you really think FedEx could be survive if unionized?

    The way I see it, FedEx would be another one of those temporary contributors to the Multi-Employer Pension Plan, who will be getting a portion of your pension because I would guarantee they would be out of business within 5 years if the IBT were to get in there. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of good things that the Teamsters have done for UPS employees, but you have to admit that there is a lot of BS that is also coming from the the IBT.

    So you take a union with package experience and institute it into a company who has the safety and harassment picture as they do, well let's just say 5 years survival is optimistic.
  18. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    LILGUY nobody is saying we don't need a union. What we are saying is we need our own union.I can guarentee you if all UPS employees belong to the APWA the IBT would haveto go after fedex or they would be out of business.the fact of the matter is without UPS there is no IBT pension fund!ANY122
  19. STLFeeder

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    Actually as of april of this year, all of fed ex's "independent contractors" are now classified as employess. They already have a terminal in New Jersey that has Joined the IBT. The pre-tax hit fed ex is looking at is the same as the gross profit from all of last year 1.4 billion.
  20. STLFeeder

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    As far as your almost unreadable post is concerned. Don't join the union. We do not need your pension money. We have our own. Might work out good for us. If you don't join, they'll make all of you their buttboys and make all of the cuts they need to make over there. How was that $.50 cent raise and raise in your benefit cost???:laugh: In one pocket and right out the other.