UPS going after TNT express?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pkgrunner, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Who wouldn't want a peice of that "lucrative Dutch mail market"?
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    UPS would sell off the mail market and go for the rest of it. I thought I read somewhere that UPS was a majority shareholder in TNT, like 55%.
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    perhaps thats why talks with FEDEX failed.
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    Hi all,
    I have worked for UPS in the UK for over ten years. A few years ago UPS took over a company called Lynx.
    If this is true and UPS do take over TNT, I for one will not be looking forward to it.
    After nearly 3 year of chaos since the take over, we have drivers from Lynx being shafted and still being refused a UPS contract, we have UPS handing routes over to sub contractors full time (because its so called cheaper) , and we have UPS employees who have been loyal for many years being made redundant.
    If this takeover does come about I am dreading it.
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    Are you a member of a union over there?
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    With the prices of fuel these days it would make sense for UPS to buy TNT. They have a very extensive road network in Europe and they are expanding their road network in Asia and Middle East.
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    Mate, the reason for the subcontractors is that alot of the Lynx drivers are a waste of space, most were only contracted and very few, approx 10% of drivers in each depot, were employed by Lynx.

    UPS has it's standards and they want to keep thoses standards. My local depot has just sacked 3 ex-Lynx bulk drivers because all they wanted to do was come in at 8am, sit around still 3pm when they would go out and do the bulk collections and then get paid £35k - £40k per year.

    They wanted to do this when the depot has package volume that is need to be delivered. The depot manager gave them both a morning round that would be 15-20 stops each in the morning and then warehouse duties when they got back, on Thursday and Friday last week they both refused to do the work so they were sacked....that is the mentality that alot of the ex-Lynx drivers have and that is what they did when it was Lynx. How can any company justify paying someone £35k per year for 15hrs per week work and then refusing to do any more...??

    Also on the TNT side of things, UPS upped their shared to 55% in Jan 08 and from what I hear at UPS House, an annoucement will be made in the not too distance future about the next acquisation.

    Also new rumers for you, as part of the UPS & DHL agreement for air uplift in the USA, we will be handling their air movements in Europe in 2009....!!

    Hopefully if we do get TNT, then things will be handled batter. I think alot of people learned alot of things from the Lynx migration.
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    I've not heard of any loyal UPS employees being made redundant. We have had a few sacked for breaking rules which in the past may have not been dealt with so harshly. There was a time when we couldn't afford to sack anyone because we were so short staffed. The line is much tougher now and everyone needs to be on their toes which I believe is both good and bad. The Lynx takeover looks shambolic from the fringes and we took a lot on when it happened. TNT is a much larger objective and it is bound to be lined with pitfalls.

    If you are loyal and hardworking then I dont see any reason to worry. It just depends on your definition of hard working!
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    [TD="width: 26"]
    UPDATE 1-TNT Express rejects 4.9 bln euros UPS bid
    February 17, 2012 12:12 ET
    Thomson Reuters News United Parcel Service Inc
    © Copyright 2012, Thomson Reuters
    Page 1
    (Adds detail of shareholder dispute)
    AMSTERDAM, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Dutch delivery firm TNT Express said on Friday its board of directors has rejected an
    unsolicited takeover offer from U.S-based peer UPS worth an estimated 4.9 billion euros, but it said discussions are
    UPS made an offer of 9 euros per share for all of TNT's issued capital, a premium of 42 percent over Friday's closing price of
    6.343 euro for TNT shares.
    The bid comes as activist shareholders in TNT have stepped up calls for the company to shake up its board and increase
    shareholder value.
    TNT this month agreed to appoint several new members to its supervisory board, including two candidates proposed by
    American investor Jana Partners, which together with Canada's Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCO)
    owns 5 percent. (Reporting by Roberta B. Cowan and Anthony Deutsch)
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    FedEx was rumored to be buying TNT last year, and FedEx cancelled negotiations. Now that UPS is interested, I wonder if Fred Smith is kicking himself for not cutting a deal. Does anyone know if TNT is unionized? I ask because FedEx won't buy unionized companies unless the workers agree to de-certify their unions. IMO, I think UPS buying them is a very smart move.
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    So, they rejected UPS's bid, but in the meantime the TNT stock rose and now TNT wants full price of the stock's worth now. Greedy Bitches. They just finished with disappointing earnings.
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    I disagree Moreluck. Granted they had a poor quarter. But takeover price of a company has a lot more to do with results from the prior quarter. The price includes synergies that can be obtained. (Usually a reduction of total workforce). Will be able to reduce the total driver workforce between the two total companies. Less need for total sales folks, or IT support etc. Also, both we and FDX and DHL will have one less low priced competitor in the market. By taking over TNT we would become the #1 small pkg carrier in Europe with DHL a close second and FDX a distant third. The stock price was close to this level about a year ago.
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    i want this to happen so bad. there are a lot of synergies and it will effectivly block fedex for YEARS to come in emerging markets. UPS won't be so dependant on US operations for revenue and our stock will go up.

    i've been saying this since 2006
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    3:24 PM UPS (UPS +1.1%) and TNT Express are said to be near a merger agreement after initially rejecting a 4.9B euro ($6.5B) offer, Bloomberg reports. Sources say the two sides are close to a deal on both price and conditions attached to the offer that may lead to job cuts and require divestitures to win antitrust approval. An announcement may come as soon as next week. [
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    another one:

    UPS, TNT Express Said to Near Agreement

    By Matthew Campbell - Mar 8, 2012 10:24 AM PT

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is nearing an agreement to acquire TNT Express NV (TNTE) after Europe’s second-largest express-delivery service rejected its initial 4.9 billion euro ($6.5 billion) offer, according to people familiar with the discussions.
    The two sides are close to a deal on both price and conditions attached to the offer that may lead to job cuts and require divestitures to win antitrust approval, the people said, declining to be identified as the talks are private. An announcement may come as soon as next week, one of the people said.

    Enlarge image[​IMG] UPS, TNT Express Said to Near Agreement After Initial Rejection

    [​IMG] Ken James/Bloomberg

    United Parcel Service Inc. cargo at Mather Airport in Sacramento.

    United Parcel Service Inc. cargo at Mather Airport in Sacramento. Photographer: Ken James/Bloomberg

    TNT, based in Amsterdam, is the smallest of the four major global delivery services companies, making it a longtime subject of merger speculation. Adding its European footprint to that of UPS would give the U.S. company a stronger foothold in the region and an advantage over its rival FedEx Corp.. (FDX)
    While talks are ongoing, the companies may still fail to reach an agreement, the people said.
    Spokesmen for UPS and TNT declined to comment on the negotiations.
    TNT said on Feb. 17 that it had rejected a takeover bid from UPS, which offered 9 euros for each TNT share. The shares currently trade at about 9.3 euros.
    Under Dutch law, UPS has to clarify its intentions to the market by March 16, within four weeks of its first proposal being announced.
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    Looks like Big Brown might win the triple crown afterall!!!!!!!!