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    I was wondering which is a better deal, considering the political climate: an HSA (health savings account) or traditional insurance options for a part-time employee.
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    Lets see I pay my union dues once a months and I get great health care benifits, No copays, except on drugs and even with that I get a $600 allowance as full time $300 as PT to cover that stuff.

    Basically your Health care is free after you pay your union dues.
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    I think I know what you mean. I got the same package as you. Probably still sitting here somewhere.
    In short, it said, you can opt out of a few, (dental and medication, higher deductables), and put the savings into a healthsavings account for future use (if you believe you won't need dental or medication this year).
    But, it's not much, maybe $20-$30 a mth, that goes towards those savings.
    That money won't take you anywhere.
    Go with the full package !
    You just never know if you fall and slip and need dental, or get sick and need medication.
    You rather be safe then sorry !

    PS: It should say, by default it goes to the full package , or as you say "traditional".
    Unless, you request otherwise. (atleast mine did).
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    I know I'll probably have to call, but before I do, wanted to ask if anyone knew about UPS honoring the change in health care benefits where your child is covered until age 27.
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    27? Here it is up to 23 if in college and 19 if not.
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    Are you talking about what was mentioned in all the House and Senate bills that now looks like it's dead? UPS doesn't cover children over 18 unless the child is a full time student. And I believe even that has limitations. Keep in mind, the company only has so much money for health care. if we are forced by the govt to give something like this, it will cost us in higher co pays, higher deductibles etc.
  7. Brown_Eyed_Girl

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    Wisconsin allows your child to be on your health insurance until age 27. I did call UPS and because the company healthcare is governed by federal policy, it does not trickle down to the states is the explanation I got.