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    Any one have any information on our IAM national contract that expires on 7-31-2009?
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    Spoke with new business rep. yesterday,he said next round of negotiations start 6-15 in Florida
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    The Local 701 and UPS negotiations began on Friday, February 13, 2009 at 9:00 am. Both the Union and the Company exchanged proposals and discussed them on the first day.

    After receiving the Union's numerous proposals the Company felt it was best to cancel the subsequent Monday's negotiations session already scheduled. They wanted enough time to process and respond to the Union's demands.

    The Union and UPS met again on February 27 and March 3, 2009. Some of the Union's original proposals were amended and re-proposed. The Union's proposals were discussed at great length with the Company's negotiating committee.

    Overtime equalization, subcontracting, overtime premium rates, requiring CDL licenses for all mechanics and the Company insisting that an employee must work 40 hours prior to receiving overtime rates of pay are the main issues being discussed.

    The March 6 meeting was cancelled.

    Several of the Local 701 proposals which were not agreed to at the local negotiations will be forwarded off to the National Negotiations such as tool allowance, pay for uniform changes, IAM 401(k) contributions for overtime hours worked and receiving pay for emergency call-ins from the time the call was accepted.

    The March 11 meeting consisted of the Company still insistent on the employees working the 40 hours before the overtime rate as well as a sixth and seventh day provision. They are also insistent on simply offering the overtime to CACH PE Employees by seniority using the wheel method and zeroing out the overtime list annually. They are stating they are done with the administration of the "equalization of overtime" and want to simply offer it to those employees by seniority using the wheel method.

    The March 13th session continued with the Union and the Company both insistent on their demands. The Union offered counter proposals to address their concerns as well as counter proposals to address ours.

    The March 20th session was for the Sante Fe Trailer Shop. Mike Scott and Joe Catalano attended the session to represent the Sante Fe Trailer Shop mechanics.

    The March 23 meeting was cancelled.

    Local 701 Business Representative Sam Cicinelli met with the UPS chief spokesperson to discuss and iron out the remaining issues still on the table. The Union feels very confident that we'll bring back a contract worthy of ratification.

    The next negotiation date was April 21-22, 2009 for the National Agreement. National negotiations were not completed. The issues which remain are subcontracting, pension language which reflects new changes due to the Pension Protection Act and retiree health care premiums. There is an additional National negotiations session scheduled tentatively for June 15-18, 2009.

    Once there is a final Local and National Agreement we will be posting voting information informing you where and when you are to vote.
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    Thanks for the info....

    But can you fix em as fast as they can break em????????
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    Ok today is second day of this round of talks.
    244 views on this thread so someone is interested.
    Don't be shy post what you are thinking or what is happening in your area fellow mechanics!!!
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    Heard from business rep this morning...
    Tentative contract has been reached .....
    No details yet..
    Will post when I get them
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    I am in South Cal, Where are some of you located at? Have to work 40 hours to get ot, it dont sound right, we here are not aloud to work overtime, they took that away last year. Are some you mechanics working overtime? I hope we get a good contract and a good pay raise, compare to the drivers we make peanuts, Just cause we cant work ot.
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    Zanesville Ohio , and I am not allowed ot but some in the larger centers are as needed
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    Local 804 contract meeting tentavly scheduled for July 19th at district 34 lodge 2625 Winchester Pike Columbus,ohio

    More info when I get it.
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    Copied from IAM newsletter

    UPS Members to Vote on National Accord
    Approximately 3,200 IAM-represented maintenance workers at United Parcel Service (UPS) will begin voting on a new contract this week.
    The five-year agreement includes yearly wage increases of 75 cents the first two years, 85 cents the third year, 95 cents the fourth year and the fifth year will be based on United Parcel Services’ national standard wage increase. The increases will be paid in one installment each year, as opposed to two installments as proposed by the company. The contract also includes improved pension contributions, eligibility for the IAM 401(k) plan, improved tool allowances and members’ health care benefits will remain intact.
    “The IAM has a very good relationship with UPS,” says Boysen Anderson, Director of the IAM Automotive Department. “After months at the negotiating table, our committee walked away with a contract I think our members can be proud of. The agreement affords our members benefit increases that most employers cannot provide. UPS has stepped up to provide these benefit increases despite the hard economic times that the country is facing. We unanimously recommend members vote ‘yes’ to approve this package.”
    Voting on the new agreement will span across 33 UPS locations nationwide, and is expected to conclude July 18th.
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    What is everyone else hearing?
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    Really haven't heard a whole lot of information. Other then a vote is forthcoming in July. I pretty much am taking the stance that i'll wait and see what all the wording is in the proposed contract. Honestly not expecting any major issues.
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    Anyone heard anymore details?????
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    Here in the CA central valley looks like we voted No on the contract, Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Visalia, and Bakersfield.
    Some of the wording was very fishy and unprofessional, it looked like it opened a backdoor for part time mechanics which we voted down last year, no part time mechanics to replace retiring employees, either let us work OT to cover the work or bring in another full timer.
    Our union rep Jim Beno, who helped to write the wording for part timers was very :censored2: at the people who pay dues for his salary because we voted it down! I know we are in a tough economic situation, but do not let them punk us, we are skilled valuable employees with skills that take years not month to learn.
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    Hey greasemonkey

    what other items were in the contract that you did not agree with ?? just wondering what to expect we do not vote on it until the 19th. If you could give us any more info. I would appriciate it.
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    Part of what I read states that we are going to get an increase in our health and welfare package, if for some reason our increase does not cover our health and welfare package and if the cost goes up higher than expected the remainder will be covered by us, through employee's wages, so if health, dental, vision and retirement is not covered by our UPS health and welfare fund you hourly pay increase and possibly more will go towards picking up the tab. This is in the Nor Cal Nevada supplement section 26.06
    Now I am not a real educated guy but I have a lot of common sense which has gotten me far. Read every little thing through and ask your union rep for straight answers, those guys work for us damn it, they need to start acting like it before we all band together and start firing them and get people in their that want to look out for us!
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    Everyone should have received a copy of the changes in their contract for their area a long time ago! We should have been talking about this stuff months before we vote not weeks and days! Do I sound mad, yeah I am!
    We need to MAN UP, excuse me female mechanics, and let our union people know if we get punked, they are through!
    We have lots grievances that have been won in our area that UPS refuses to pay, what is our union doing about it, sitting on their hands.
    If we as mechanics stand together we are a strong voice, you better tell your union rep he works for you not UPS!
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    Local 701 will vote Saturday, July 11
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    Grease Monkey can you send me or post the changes you have received so the rest of us can be informed about these changes prior to voting.I agree that we all should have been informed alot earlier that is why I am trying to get this info for my fellow mechanics that have not voted yet.Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
    I have reached out to BA for info but nothing so far.

    There have been hundreds of reads on this thread I have to believe that we are all very starved for info.
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    I know of 2 mechanics in the central ohio district that have retired recently and there positions were not filled.That is a loss of 2 jouneyman positions already what is going on elsewhere???????????????