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    I have been with UPS,14 years:happy2: but I just got termanated 2 days ago.:dissapointed::sad2::ashamed: I was on disability and failed to turn in the paper work. When I was beter I whent to the center to give the a copy of the disability form that the Dr had field out 10 days before. They said I was seperated and had to go through the union. I have not gone yet. I have been in deep depression proboly for some time now. I had been on disability on and off for a year and a half. I started to get big lepera looking sores on my face with malaise, fevers. I was misdiagnosed 5 times in a priod of 1 year and a half. I had a appointment with the Dr a day after I whent to the center. I did not go I have just giving up I feel like I have been through too much in a short time. Help?what should I do?
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    Go to the!
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    I wouldn't be too depressed. If you have the proper documentation sounds like all you have to do is ether call the union hall or what I like to do is show up there and file a greavance to get your job back.
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    dont stay depressed,stay focused,thats your job, tell the union officials and let them get to work on it.thats their job,dont delay,do it asap.
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    Heck I been fired for less, and they still let me work here.
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    LOL! Sounds like you get fired a lot!!!!
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    lmao I missed that
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    Going to the Union is the first start. Inform you ctr. manager and your local that you may find it necessary to take things to your local labor board. I find that at times, it has been helpful to get your local labor on your side. Go to your next general assembly meeting at your union hall and make your voice be heard. If your giving all the necessary details in your post, you will (should) not have a problem getting your job back. Locally, they (ups mgt.) are doing pretty much anything to trim the fat. Things that were not even considered in the past to be grounds for termination, are now being treated like capital crimes. WATCH your back with even the "cool" supervisors or you may end up with bus tire tracks on your back. Im an optomist. Things will get better, they always do. Good luck.
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    Good Advice!
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    I've had first hand experience (at least in Canada) with how UPS treats depression. My brother in law killed himself recently and, being under 1 year of duty, I was not eligible for benefits. This meant I had a whole four days off to support my sister (who found his body). MY onroad sups were exceptional during the time and gave me a few extra days off (although without pay thanks to the big UPS boys). I was EXTREMELY depressed and had suicidal thoughts (though no actions) which is common for such a situation. I talked to my sups about it and was looking for a little understanding with a doctors note stating I was still able to work 8 hours a day (including my lunch). From the UPS suits I got a 'sorry, it didn't occur due to your job so we don't need to accommodate you. You're now considered off duty until 100% able to work again with no restrictions'. So, I spent 5 weeks, with no income and only that piece of crap UPS 'help line' trying to get better. I had to pay for any meds due to the depression from my own pocket. Unemployment would not help because I was still 'technically' employed. I talked to my HR rep about it as well as the HR rep of western Canada and was told they had not recieved a situation like this ever (although statistically 1/5 people suffer from depression).

    I went to my union about this (who is a good union rep) and was told, unfortunately they didn't need to accomadate me. I was also told, off the record, that it seemed to him that they were hoping I would just 'disappear' and 'go away'. So they made it hell just to go through my depression to try to keep my employment. About a week after I returned to work, I found out another driver had been found in Northern Canada driving without a seatbelt because he had 'wanted to die'. His circumstances were almost a match to my own. The difference being I've had depression most of my life so have come to live with it. He had benefits and was able to claim those. He was also given only a 1 week suspension instead of a full termination because of his state of mind at the time (I think it's more UPS didn't want to SEEM a cold hard company and possibly face a lawsuit for discrimination).

    My curiousity here is why there is nothing in the contract for people with mental illness'? If 1 in 5 people have it (likely more now do to the economy) why UPS doesn't have some sort of 'plan' for these people instead of just hoping they'll 'go away'?

    Anyways, since gaba60 was sort of the in the same situation I felt I'd share my lovely UPS experience. I still do have my job though but just be forewarned not to ever mention the big bad word 'depression' no matter how far down the road you slip, otherwise they'll do their damnedest to be rid of you.