UPS laying off Technical hourly employees

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  1. We got official word today that UPS will be laying off their technical work force. These are the hourly folks unprotected by the union.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. What exactly is the function of this group of workers? How many workers ar we talking about? Are the jobs being outsourced to foreign countries? Can you give us some more info please? :sad:
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    These are the folks that work on the computers and software for the company and customers. Not sure of a total number but the main effect is consolidation of help desks.
  4. I'm not in the technical department but have several friends in it. Last I heard the number was around 300+ across the US by Feb'28th, they will not be offered other positions in the company even though there are other non-union positions open. They will be forced to take the compensation package of 2 weeks pay plus a week of pay for each year of service. We all know the entire company runs on technology, which in 6 months will be hell in a handbasket, as they've angered the entire technology workforce, plus the reduction in support. Soon you'll probably start seeing your building going on paper due to no DIAD's, no PAS system for 2-3 hours, timecards not being sent up on time, etc. They are running with a skeleton crew already trying to keep all the technology going, now techs will be 2-3 hours away to fix problems that need to fixed in less than an hour, be prepared for lots of problems as the technology is neglected.

    300+ disgruntled employees with admin rights to the companies entire technical assets. Not a good thing to do.
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    Company will probably out source to an outside company like the geek squad save on cash
  6. Three problems....

    I couldn't see the little guy in his bug driving up to fix my DPS computer when the database crashes. "Sequence number what?"

    The geek squad won't work for $16-$18 an hour like our technical force does.

    UPS has tried to outsource our technical support before and it failed.
  7. All eight of our help desks are being outsourced to a company in Las Vegas. When you call you will get someone that probably won't speak English and will not know that much about a UPS Center. Heck, they probably will have never set foot in a UPS Building. Good move Mike Eskew. You talk about how technology is the key to the company's success, but you will send technicians with 10+ years of UPS experience packing. Good luck. FedEX stock is about $30 higher than UPS now and I can see that gap getting larger.
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    TSG Layoffs


    Has anyone heard anything on the TSG and TSC helpdesk layoffs.
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    Re: TSG Layoffs

    I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I heard there is information on it on
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    Re: TSG Layoffs

    0671tsg......someone already started a thread on this subject. Did you read under "current events" the thread titled "UPS laying off technical hourly workers"? Check it out.
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    Re: TSG Layoffs

    Note: These threads have now been combined. Thank you for pointing out the original thread.
  12. Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    Has anyone complained about this to the concern desk?
  13. Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    All desks are being closed country wide, so this is coming from Atlanta. I don't think they would care if we complained.
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    Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    I'm also a technician with TSG. I've been told they are laying off 130 TSG (on-site) technicians, and 180 TSC (helpdesk) technicians. We're the two groups who keep the computers, DIAD's, networks, scanners, printers, and customer pc's running and maintenanced.
    The memo read to us began something like this.. 'Despite the fact that our company is doing well....' then went on to say our competitors aren't paying for this level of support, so why should UPS? Are we trying to be FedEx? Are they doing so much better that we should now emmulate them? Our technology makes us better!
    We're not being allowed to transfer to different departments. In my district there are hundreds of vacancies, but we will not be allowed into them. We must leave - period. We cannot reapply for any position anywhere in the company for a minimum of 12 months. We cannot even quit and reapply without waiting a year. Many of us in TSG believe this is only the first round of layoffs for us. After all, the Center of the Future does away with Tech Support, On Road Sups, etc....
    This company no longer cares one whit for it's people. It doesn't even care about money (which is has PLENTY of) - it will spend $100 to save a nickel. It only cares about subjective numbers and hollow actions it can proudly bestow to its newest shareholders. The centers are falling apart. I've seen drivers literally CRYING, more and more are selling off their stock because the company is being driven into the dirt. Well over 50 managers in my district alone have WALKED OUT in the last year. A year ago, 1 Concern in a day was an issue - now I see 80 - 100, NO JOKE, in one day, and no one is batting a eye. I've been with the company 5 years, but it is a totally different company than when I started.

    I agree with Anonymous Coward - pissing off your entire tech staff who have full control access to the entire nationwide network, is completely stupid. It would only take one really good tech with a dark side to make it come crashing down. And unlike the last big virus, when all of TSG mobilized in a 48 hour period, over the weekend, to stop a virus in it's tracks, I doubt we'll come running to the rescue this time around. I'm sitting back with a bowl of popcorn, waiting to see this unfold. :cool:
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    Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    I'll be getting my popcorn ready also.
    On the "menu of life", revenge is best served cold.
    Go for it and know my thoughts are with you!
    While management is fumbling around wondering why the computers are down and pulling their hair out trying to correct the situation I will be grinning knowing the little guy didn't go down without taking someone with him/her.
    Godspeed........and, yes, God will understand.

    I'm anxious to see a management poster sugar-coat your post and make it all better.
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  16. Any of you overpaid houly driver care to share your bucks with the tsg folks???
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    Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    Technically speaking I'm management :osama:
    But um... no sugar-coating here...Stupid decision that will come back to bite us in the ::censored2::
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    Re: PS laying off Technical hourly employees

    I wonder if suggesting and encouraging commercial sabotage is a crime.
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    I guess becoming a driver was a God send for me because I initially waqs trying to get into TSG. :nuke:Nuke Em! Guys:nuke:
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    As far as the suger coating goes I'm not seeing any lay offs here. Every TSG person so far has been moved into jobs in other functions. Your anonymous poster is correct in that 400 tsg positions are being eliminated but so far the effort appears to be to get everyone resituated into other jobs. Now I realize this vision of how I am seeing this event unfurled may not fit the hate trip you are trying to enjoy onetrickpony but it is truthfully what I am seeing. Perhaps I am not sugercoating at all perhaps you are ****coating everything my friend.