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When the only engines were inline 6, and any issue was simple to fix.
Unlike the engines today that have a myried of computer modules to try and diagnose.

Remember those combustible sprinter vans in the early 2000’s. Had a couple of them burn 🔥 engine issues...

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I was a UPSer way back when. Started as a peak worker on the evening / local sort before there was any type of scanning and left right around the time PAS was implemented in the preloads. Reading and hearing how things are now makes me think of how different things were back in the late 80's / early 90's:

  • Prior to scanning, there was no guaranteed delivery. Packages got there when they got there.
  • Scanning slowed down hub PPH alot (bottlenecks were at the outbounds).
  • Most everything was done on paper. Scanning, DIAD and IVIS didnt come along till the early 90's.
  • Sorters had to memorize all the sort splits (not sure if that is the case these days).
  • Loaders had to know some of the splits (most outbound trailers had a reader and a loader).
  • Preloaders had to know splits for the package cars they were loading (PAS did away with that).
  • We use to use crayons and hand stamps to mark packages.
  • Before my time, package drivers used to load their own package cars (introduction of PT employees did away with that).
  • Walking on moving belts was prohibited but it still happened often. (Adding the belt lockout devices helped reduce that)
  • There were virtually no yard rules like there are today.
  • As a yard shifter, didnt wear seat belt most of the time, loosely enforced.
  • As a yard shifter, only used red line on trailers. No yellow line or lights. (dont know if that is required now or not).
  • Not sure if MAR's have changed, but I remember unloader was 1200 pph, small sorter was 1800 pph (cant remember what regular sorter was), smalls bagger was 100 bph.
  • ID's were super crappy. They were laminated polaroids with your name and SS# written with a sharpie. How do I know this? I still have one.
I'm curious if there's any other old timers and what they might remember from way back when.
You forgot Intrastate vs interstate.
Nope, it’s the pathway to less stress, less stops, and more money.


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