UPS pilots asked for concessions we are next?

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    How did i miss this? Ups asked the piolts for about $140 million in concessions the deadline is coming up in june. Here is the story

    You know we will be next how much are we going to give back? I already see drivers in my center working off the clock and skipping part of thbere lunch..
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    Your post is somewhat misleading. The concessions are spread out over 3 years. Drivers working off the clock and skipping part of their lunches are not concessions--it is stupidity. Our concessions will come in 2013.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    My take on this (just my opinion) is that this was as an alternative to 10% of the pilots being furloughed/laid off.
    The pilots can not drop back to another job like drivers can.
    Good thread and good question ... please correct me if my take is off base.
  4. drewed

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    UPS originally said they were going to furlough these pilots the IPA asked if they could find cost savings UPS gave the amounts and this is where we sit...Id like to know if the DC8 crew members (flight engineers mostly) take into account at all in these savings.
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    You are correct about them, They can not "drop back into another job". Just as Aircraft mechanics can't. Aircraft maintanence was not offered a cost savings plan instead of layoffs. They just kicked us to the curb.
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    Old news. But same replys from the experts.
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    Could a ups pilot go to feeders...or pkg?
    What a lifestyle change that would be.
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    [​IMG]wow neat pic from that site
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    Our BA told as at our last Union meeting that UPS wanted to open up the contract for us to take concessions after it was announced that Mgmnt would have to. KH told them that we weren't offered extra when record profits rolled in, we are not working for less now. Coincidence that they are coming down hard on every move we make now? I'm just sayin
  11. Just Numbers

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    Concessions may be next. In looking at what has happened to the United Steel Workers and the UAW it is logical the Teamsters will be next. I'm just preparing myself financially as best I can.:sad-little:
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    Wow... I couldn't have said it better myself. But taking concessions could be a good bargaining chip to barter for other things we want.
  13. Galaxy48

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    We already gave them concessions when we agreed to the split raises
  14. UnsurePost

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    That is not a concession.
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    Actually it is Steve. Unless you don't put any of your money where it can earn interest.
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    John McDevitt (the management committee member responsible for contract negotiations) said just the opposite.

    When asked if we were going to ask the Teamsters for consessions, he said no. He said that asking for concessions would require renegotiating the contract and we did not want to do that.

    He said that for a company to ask for concessions it has to be in dire straits and there are significant consequences for doing so.

  17. trplnkl

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    You can bet your sweet bippy they don't want to renegotiate the contract. There are way too many things that are cropping up that we didn't have a chance to fight against in the current contract. The pressure to settle and ratify was placed on us by the threat of the fed gov taking control of our retirement. No one wanted to have to wait till they were 65 to retire with decreased benefits. I know I couldn't do that.
  18. unionman

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    At least you have a defined pension. I think the AMT's are the only people in this company without one.
  19. trplnkl

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    Y'all don't even have a contract do ya?
  20. Just Numbers

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    So I guess the question would be how far does the horse get away from the barn to constitute dire straits. With all the news today about GM filing for bankruptcy you have sit back and think about the future of UPS.