UPS proposing cutting PT guarantee to 3 hours?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bagels, Apr 15, 2013.

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    For the third consecutive week, my Preload's start times have been pushed back 30-minutes later than ever before, with plenty of new faces being added to pick up the slack (for example, in the input we've added two additional sorter/SPA/unload teams -- that's up four from last year -- as well as one additional irreg driver). I didn't put too much thought into it, assuming it was being done to train seasonal hires, but this morning our business agent showed up to address our sort during break. He said the company's attempting to lower the guarantee to 3 hours and has been arguing that most of us don't want to work 3.5, and it's becoming too much of an unnecessary costly burden to find work for those that do. He told us that if we wanted 3.5, we needed to speak up and work 3.5, otherwise this would transition toward a permanent thing.

    Is this happening elsewhere? Has the company proposed this (he did NOT say propose - but rather attempted).
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    It makes me so mad when people don't work 3.5.. I mean seriously why not try to get the most hours possible. In my opinion we should be GUARANTEED 4 hours, We get paid 4hrs/day for vacation/personal/sick.. Just like F/t is guaranteed 8..
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    We saw start-time for our Twilight sort pushed up by 20 minutes the week of Easter - the explanation was that the week of Easter was a lighter week. We maintained the same start time last week - the sort wasn't starting until 6:00 PM, when it usually cranks up at 5:45 PM M-Th. We're "back" to 5:50 PM for the week - mostly because we kept running into Midnight.

    Bargaining unit members not working their gurantee drives me nuts. I always demand my gurantee but usually get 4.5-5.00/night. Its even worse when it comes from PT'ers that want a 22.3 job and they go home one or two days a week.

    I haven't heard of any formal proposal, but that would be absolutely awful - especially for the Noonday guys working Sunday. I check the OP reports if they're left out from the previous sorts and half of the area on Noonday works 2.5 hours (or less) on Sundays.
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    there are so many part timers that are just working for the benefits. guys with families and full time jobs elsewhere that don't think its worth the 20 or so bucks (after taxes) they make a night to spend the gas money and time away from there wife and kids. the more guys bang in, the more sups have to work and the less hours go into production so there's little discipline for attendance. on top of that you got the guys who will always leave as early as possible or show up just to ask to go home. its been like that my whole 23+ yr career. then you have the massive turnover rate of guys that can't hack the job/hours. I was not suprised when UPS extended the waiting period for benefits to a year or 18 months. i give all part timers a ton of credit though. i preloaded full time for about 19 years and if i wasnt making top scale driver pay the whole time i wouldnt have lasted but a few months.
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    It's the same in Ft driver work too. There are drivers that go home when sups say I'm over do you want the day. Which could be ok if it's not a lot and you can make your pension hours, because we work so late, but some guys take two or even three days in a week and say how come the pension hours keep getting raised. That's what happens when workers abuse the system.
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    completely anecdotal, but in the short while i've been here i've observed the guys with the most seniority tend to show up late if they work at all, want to leave early and bitch the most about why part timers get screwed by the company. i know i get every minute i can out of the company. it's a huge time and gas investment just to turn around and go home after 2 hours
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    Looks like Part timers have to push for a higher raise..they r really getting screwed
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    PiedmontSteward, add all this to the fact that part-time seniority employees want to know their contractual rights on questions such as; "Who gets to leave first?" I've discovered there is no pleasing everyone on a shift where many want to leave early, some want to leave first, and those that want to leave complain about supervisors working.

    The primary issue in our area is the relatively short sort span from driver return to building time to feeder pull time. (reload operations). This is all a result of fewer driving routes. (Thanks in part to Surepost) (note: approximately 30-35% of our volume is classified as "smalls" (<10 pounds) and is potentially subject to being sent through Surepost)

    (RIP Mr. Jim Casey....hopefully you were cremated because if you weren't ,you are certainly rolling over in your grave)


    In order to process the same number of packages in a shorter time span, UPS requires more people working less hours. This is one reason you may also see an increase in the number of part-time supervisors working. IF....ALL the employees on our reload shift would demand their 3.5 hours, production on our reload would decrease dramatically. There simply isn't enough work to bring in ALL the employees necessary to sort X amount of packages in a 1.5 to 2 hour time span (from driver return to feeder pull).

    Anyone that knows anything about the Package Timecard Web and GTS (Global Timecard System) knows that UPS automatically now codes every card as 05 (hours only). This was NOT the case years ago under PTE where code 06 (Pay Guarantee) was the standard default value.

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    IMO Part Time should be guaranteed 4 hours, exactly half of the Full Time guarantee, at every work location including the Air Operation. Anyone remember when you used to have an incentive as a driver to "get it done" and go home early being paid your guarantee plus incentive? While it was trading overtime for straight time, I don't have a problem with individuals choosing to work at that pace as long as the Company doesn't pile on the work in response. Part Time should be given the same incentive, and if they truly "don't want to work 3.5 hours" then they will be motivated to get their sorts done early.

    4 hours paid for Option days, 4 hours paid for Holidays, and 4 hours paid for Sick days, why is it 3.5/3 hours for a daily Guarantee? Perhaps raising the Guarantee will reduce the tendency to have Supervisors working.
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    UPS won't be able to find any employees to work the operations. PTers 3hrs day only, harassed/threats from sups, insurance after 1 year of employement, turnover will increase 100x over.
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    thats exactly what they the company an excuse for them doing the work themselves. Its time for hall and Hoffa to step up and quit keeping its union in the dark. Its time for current part timers to get a fair share of the pie
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    don't underestimate the desperation of people in this economy...
  13. rudy5150

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    dont underestimate and undervalue good part timers:biting: they are hard to find!
  14. Monkey Butt

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    It's time for the collective P/T workforce to get involved.

    UPS and the Teamsters know that's not going to happen.
    At least 80% of the part-timers don't care that much.

    That's too bad.
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    Be glad you don't work in an Air Hub as pt'ers in our building don't get a guarantee.
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    Part timers care but dont have time to go to union meetings on saturdays....most work on weekends or are college students who are usually just seasonal anyways. Some work over 65 hrs a week between 2 jobs. They also have no local representation. Wheres are union??? Nobody informs these part timers of their union rights and what they are entitled too. The only time we hear this tough talk from Hoffa and hall is during contract time and UPS laughs its way to the bank!
  17. 104Feeder

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    They should get the 3 hour guarantee under Article 40.
  18. UPSGUY72

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    We have a contract with the company make them follow it. They can't make changes to it just because they feel like it......
  19. Scottyhawk

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    I do not get it, in the year I have worked preload, I never worked less than 4.5 hours and worked a ton of shifts over 5 hours
  20. Monkey Butt

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    You are a lucky person!