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  1. Blazian81

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    I was wondering is it worth me putting more money in ups stock since its sliding and i can put that money toward others stock. I am putting in about $50 a week towards it, and i was wondering if its worth it?
  2. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket
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  3. Poop Head

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    Tell that to the Easter Bunny
  4. SLW

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    How do I get UPS stock????
  5. Buy it.
  6. SLW

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    Places I've worked in the past had somewhere on their employee site to do that, usually with some kind of added incentive.
  7. Mugarolla

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    I think you can go to Computershare.

    Used to able to buy it at a 10% discount. Now, I think it's only 5%.
  8. MattM

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    Yes. It's Computershare. You can have paycheck deductions, or buy in bulk (minimum I think is $10,000/transaction).

    You can choose to have dividends reinvested or sent to a bank account.

    We get 5% off the final market price of that end period day. 3/31,6/30,9/30,12/31 for example.

    Since I started five years back, it hasn't really grown, but it hasn't lost a lot. Im.aboit break even at this point. Now the 401k; that's up 20%.

    Just be cautioned if you're a first time buyer. They will take deductions out NOT right away, but when when the new buy cycle starts. So you're actually waiting a good 4-6 months in many instances before it's actually bought. And then there's a two year wait, with a 100 share minimum before you can sell it.

    So you may be better off buying on a slide from another source.

    For example, If you sign up today, deductions will start 4/1. Then 6/30, at the final buzzer, you'll buy x amount of shares at that price. You could likely deduct more or less leading up to the quarter end dates. But you can't really gain from mid quarter slides.
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    I buy weekly. It’s not a stock you’re ever going to make a profit on, especially since it’s no longer 10% off. It’s more of a savings account. A place to park some money that has restrictions to be able to withdraw. The high was $132 a share last year but that’s not the norm. It almost always hovers between $105-$115. It’s not a moneymaker.

    This is the website where employees can purchase

  10. Poop Head

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    Put all your eggs in one basket!
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    Do yourself a favor and buy FDX instead.
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    Many have mentioned UPS is not much of a money maker.

    While the stock does not have much volatility in price, it has been a consistent dividend growth play.

    You get paid a quarterly dividend from them, which has doubled over the last 10 years. That, right there, is where you "make your money" with this stock.

    Although not listed in the Dow 30, it acts very much like a Dow 30 stock.
  15. ManInBrown

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    You’re right. I did not mention the dividend.
  16. MattM

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    Do you all reinvest the dividend? I like having some real $$$ come back to me. Whats the growth like on a dividend that gets reinvested? Has anyone ever done a breakdown?

    100 shares will pay out $100 each quarter, which buys about one more share, which also has a dividend. At which point does it really sky rocket in your favor?

    I've only added
  17. ManInBrown

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    I reinvest all the dividends.
  18. a911scanner

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    Reinvesting the dividend makes it grow, because you end up with more stock (assuming the stock price stays the same or increases). You also do not immediately pay taxes on this DRIP reinvestment.

    If you take the dividend as a quarterly check, you will need to pay taxes on your dividend income.
  19. Wrong. You have to pay taxes on the dividends either way.
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    You tell em Upstate.