UPS strike.

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  1. Indecisi0n

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    Has UPS ever gone on strike? Seems like the drivers have the upper hand (in my eyes). If we went on strike i see production grinding to a halt.
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  3. scratch

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    They are no fun and there are no real winners.
  4. TheKid

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    1997. Strikes are like headbutts . . . nobody wins.
  5. faded jeans

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    Roger that.
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    Gee, that would make you just like the store manager with the keys standing at the locked door of a big store looking at all the peeps just wanting to come in......POWER, huh?
  7. Leftinbuilding

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    Ask some of the people laid off right now, if they would like to have the volume we lost in 1997. EVERYONE loses in a strike.
  8. tarbar66

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    There have been quite a few strikes that I know of.

    How many people remember when Philadelphia went on strike and UPS decided to close the Metro Philly operation down completely. I don't remember how long that lasted.

    The old Alleghany District, (Pittsburgh & Joint Council 40 Area) was out for different times in the mid 70's too.

    I also think the operations in Alaska were closed down too in the 70's or 80's.

    That was back before the global economy ruled !!
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    I'm on vacation.
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    Fedex wins.
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    2013 I take all my vaca weeks in August.
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    i heard the earth might be round, can anyone verify that?
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    Roundish. Actually an imperfect oblate spheroid.
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    My dad had spheroids and they were painful for him.
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    There was also a strike in the Northeast in 76 that went from Sept into 2nd week of December...Talk about a bleak Xmas!
  17. rod

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    I went through 2 strikes----one was fun and the other one not so much. I would bet that UPS would just about force a strike this time. I picture them jumping on the "oh woe is me--look at the economy bandwagon" even though they are making money hand over fists. They are doing too good for their hourly employees to start back peddling now. Believe me they aren't going to offer more without a fight.
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    Ok. Quit rubbing it in. When your're crying monday Morning I'll be on vacation. So there!
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    Since no one else has posted it, here's a little history lesson for you youngsters:
  20. ORLY!?!

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    I dont think so.

    They will get a lot more volume, for a time. But that will cause most of their workers, who already at thier limits, to do what they can to get out of work for that day, week or all of the above.

    Trust me, imagen your job times 10 fold. I would probably be feeling like its a Friday on a Tuesday aswell.