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    I work out of the Gardena Bld. As of Monday all 3 centers are sending 100% of there cover drivers back to there hub job. Thats 30 guys that have lost there opp to driver witch sucks because they got used to the money and plus its Christmas time. I was told that after Xmas between 15-20 full time guys will be layed off as well. As a full time driver you have 3 choices Per the union contract. 1. You can take a layoff and collect un employment and your health benifts will expire the month following your layoff month. Exmpl if you are layed off Jan 5th your health benifits will run until Feb 30th the as of March 1st the will be cut. Option 2. You can diplace 1 part time employee in the Hub/Preload and work 4.0 hrs a day and keep your health benifits and get another job. Option 3 you can displace 2 part time employees and get your 8.0 hrs and keep your health benifits. I just got home from the union meeting and I am a shop steward and this is what information they have recived for Ups Per the layoffs in January. Just Thought I would share the information with fellow employees.
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    Please if you would share the information that you have from your union/union contract on how layoffs would work in your building/and other surrounding buildings
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    How about if you start another thread?????

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    A "COVER DIVER" is only a part time employee, so if the centrer does not need you you go back to your part time job, at your part time pay, with your part time seniority and your 3.5 hour guarantee.

    The options listed above would only apply to actual FULL TIME drivers
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    not everywhere
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    It depends on what they are calling fulltime drivers without a bid area. Here we are called swing drivers or unassigned with the PT drivers being cover drivers. However usually they use cover driver to describe both. They call me a FT cover (I have 20 years FT senority) and the ones with PT inside jobs PT cover.
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    Cover drivers are full time wher I am at. We don't use part time drivers.