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    I have a couple casinos that have vendor logs that they try to get me to sign in on with my first and last name along with my employee ID number I’ve always wrote ups on the log and the time that I went in and the time I left. Well yesterday I got called in on because I wouldn’t comply with the casinos rules on the log and my on car informed me this morning since it is Indian federal property that I had to
    Comply and sign my name and give my information is this true?
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    Ask your supe, what Article of the contract requires that.

    UPS should already have this set-up.... with an approved list of drivers.
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    I always made a messy scribble when i was asked to sign in somewhere. If they say anything tell them thats your handwriting. That youre not capable of writing legibly. If they ask for it so they can write it down, tell them IP Freely
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    I sign at the federal building. That’s it. They also take your license, go through metal detector, packages go through X-ray.

    Other than that I don’t sign anywhere. I’ve had some mighty mad customers before. I just tell them I’ll gladly refuse their packages or they can come pick them up from now on.
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  8. PT Car Washer

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    Nothing more then a security log. You got something to hide?
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    My man ups has already done several background checks on me I am cleaner then 90% of the people in that casino. I just don’t give out my personal information if I’m not required. But hey what would you know all you do is wash the mud of trucks.

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    Good to know
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    You gonna go ahead and get those implants now?
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    If I ever move to Vegas and decide I want a dealer job I’ll know what to do

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    Couldn't help but notice that sort of thing.
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    You don't have to give your name to the casino.
    UPS can't force you to comply.

    File a grievance every time a member of Management talks to you about the issue.
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    :censored2: That
    Mike 123-456-789
    :censored2: you
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