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    It will take 4 years for a new driver to reach top scale(insaine).
    With in those 4 years the new driver cannot file 9.5 for to much OT.
    By 2017 the minimum wage across the country will be $10.oo and hr yet at UPS a part time employee will start at $10.oo an hr. 33yrs ago I started at $8.50 an hour. That is criminal!
    A $1.50 increase in 33yrs
    Oh and by the way UPS will shortly send out a letter to all retirees that the medical supplement of $50 a month will be going up to $495.oo this according to The Bloomberg Report!
    UPS has projected that it will make 4.5 to 4.8 billion dollars this year. According to the wall street journal the S%p 500 this quarter is up to 11% while UPS had the stock go up 16% these are the facts!
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    Your about a month late
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    Check your supplement. In the north east, there are ways to reduce that time if you are a part timer.
    That is not true. You may qualify for 2 of the 3 ways for relief.
    Across the country? Questionable. If you said California then I agree.

    Um, the Bloomberg report said this will happen?

    that is a great thing!! You don't agree?
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    It is if the company would take care of it's employees.
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    Just curious...

    What are the odds that being vocal about supporting a NO VOTE,
    That it could bring along company & union retaliation?

    ​While on the clock?
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    Christ...cant anyone read some of the other 100000 posts about the contract without having to start another? especially the ones who just created a new account just to say the same s*it over and over.
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    And more importantly, why is the "e" small???
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    Why ? Because I said. We deserve to keep our healthcare and get raises. We have the ball. Spike it in UPS's face.
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    Re: VOTE NO

    Well, since you said so.
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    Re: VOTE NO

    Vote No
    If No, then What ?
    TDU Sucks
    What Are You Voting?
    Shall I Vote No
    Anyone Voting Yes Will Be Shot
    Freight Sucks
    Healthcare Suck

    This is going to go on 'til June 20th ?????
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    Re: VOTE NO

    You might have a dog but it is not in this fight. See you June 21st.
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    Re: VOTE NO

    I'm stuck opening all these so they will go away as "new posts". It's a pain in the arse....thank goodness I don't have to read them.
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    I too want to know why the "e" is small
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    I'm voting yes
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    Re: VOTE NO

    I'm voting yesssssssssssss$$$$$$$$$$$ssssssss
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    Re: VOTE NO

    Like a good OG Cheerleader should.
  19. realbrown1

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    Everybody on here knows this. Why do you keep repeating yourself?
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    Re: VOTE NO

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