wanting to quit workign as ups supervisor

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    I have recently been working as a supervisor on the sort aslies for more than 5 months as a supervisor and 8 months as a trainer but i recently almost got fired for not getting my hots out fast enough when the boss/full time and boss above full time took away the hot person to ship out the hots to the correct pds and even made me clock out to get the job done correctly. As a result of this i took a two week Vacation which was schedule and now looking for another job while on Vacation. Was wondering if anyone has come across the same type of problems with people above them and the positions inside the warehouse seem......so bad exspically here in dallas
  2. adamups2000

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    They took me into the office around 4:20pm and made me sit down boss told me to sit down shut up and then talked about how bad of a job i did then about 20 mins later called in the full time boss and then my full time boss tried to save my job then made me wait outside for another 10 mins while they where inside talking about my job/which they probably where not. What im also wondering is that i was told this is scare tactics used by a lot of manger people higher up but now I'm like whats the point of bothering with it?
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    P.s they had me out of the office around 4:55pm
  4. rod

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    I know I'm fanning a fire but don't you wish you had a Union standing up for you now?
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    I don't care how dire my situation was, if anyone who wasn't armed told me to "sit down and shut up" I would have told them to tongue :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: my :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: pipe.
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    Re: wanting to quit working as ups supervisor

    I have to agree with filth in that, as an adult, you should have not to stand being told to "sit down and shut up." I don't agree with his suggested solution, however. I would have simply stood up at that point, extended my hand, and thanked them for the opportunity and walked out of the office. No job is worth what you have conveyed and you are doing the right thing by spending your vacation looking for employment elsewhere. It has been said time and time again on this forum, as bad as hourlies may have it, mgt seems to have it that much worse. I do hope that you are able to find a job where your skills and dedication will be appreciated and you will not be treated like a 2 yr old.
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    As a person that has dealt with this from both sides I would say no the union is not required for simple transactions like the 1 addressed in this thread. Sups have their jobs threatened daily just as hourlies its all a brown bluff to "motavate" the employee. the only difference is the hourly is paid to be counciled while the sup is verbally abused for free.:knockedout:
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    "motavate"= intimidate in this case. I refuse to be intimidated daily.
    The union may not be required, but it sure would help. Ya see, the union can and regularly does protect it's members from this kind of harassment. The brown bluff ,as you call it, is wrong on so many levels. It usually indicates a manager that is not qualified to manage a chicken yard clean up , much less a UPS facility. If a manager has to resort to threatening someone's job to get them to do their job, then the manger isn't doing his/her job. Not only was the example of this thread against company policy it is probably against the law and it sure IS against the contract. I think it's time the manage in question take a hike themselves.
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  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It should not take union representation to be treated like a human being.
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    I agree 100%, but in many areas of this company, it is required unfortunately. However, most of the time if you stand your ground and let them know you will not stand for being treated that way, they will back off. The PT sup doesn't have a backup, other than finding another job. Hourlies do have the union as a back up.
  11. tieguy

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    you realize its still your responsibility to make service on all hot packages regardless of what they do to your staffing for that day?

    You have an issue here. You failed to do something your responsible for doing. You got your job threatened for it.

    You have now decided to leave UPS and go somewhere else. However the problem still exists that you did not take responsibility for doing your job.

    What happens when you don't do your job at your next job? Do you blame them and leave again?
  12. trplnkl

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    Please define "HOT PACKAGES", we don't use that term here. thanks in advance
  13. tieguy

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    If a package has to leave / get loaded on a trailer by a certain time usually the end of the sort then its hot. Could be air or it could be specific destinations that are only serviced on that shift.

    As a sort aisle supervisor he would be responsible for making sure everything in his area got sorted to the correct belts. He would then be responsible for making sure nothing fell off the belts or got hung up on the belts. Basically walk the area and make sure its clean of packages.
  14. trplnkl

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    ahhh, ok. But wouldn't them taking away the people that are supposed to do the actual work be about the same as taking away a drivers package car and still expecting him/her to finish all the deliveries?
    I've always felt that if you are going to make someone responsible for getting a job done, you give them the proper tools to do said job.
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    That must be the midnight shift in my building. Everyday around 5-5:30 all you see are supervisors running around like chickens with no heads carrying packages dragging forever bags full of smalls. So that's what they are doing, trying to get rid of these "HOT" packages. And here I always thought it was because they just liked to work, when in fact they are basically trying to save their jobs.
  16. tieguy

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    The guy works a five hour shift. Should walk his area at least a hundred times during that shift. All he had to do is ask his boss the question one time which is what do I do with the hots? Most people would do so at the beginning of the shift when they review the staffing sheet.
  17. Griff

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    Give it a rest ******. Almost everyone is treated in the manner in which this guy described. The fact that you support verbal abuse as a disciplinary tactic isn't really surprising and speaks volumes about your character. If you can find me someone who hasn't been verbally abused by a member of UPS management, I'll show you someone who just needs to hang around a few more years. It's only a matter of time until some idiot gets transfered to your building for everything to change. Personally I love when a big shot comes around with his chest puffed out and his jaw out threatening me, it opens up a few doors that I have become accustom to using over the years. It's the old UPS management training "the 3 keys to being a manager" -- I'm tougher than you, I did your job better than you and I'm better than you.

    As for the OP, you are spot on in recognizing that your boss "going to bat for you" is just game play and nothing more. They were probably in the office laughing and talking about the NFL draft. Almost everything a UPS manager does is an act of simple posturing, your boss is trying to make you feel indebted to him because he "saved" your job. Meanwhile, his boss gets his nipples hard by acting like a tough guy and he gets to go home and get verbally abused by his wife in the same manner.
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    While I don't work for UPS anymore, I think I remember 'HOTS' also being packages that were consistently not making service OR you had a lot of service failures for. These usually went by zip-code if I'm not mistaken. -Rocky
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    Hey dont get me wrong i made a mistake and i gotta improve its just it seems like as a supervisor that you have no one to have your back and your all on your own and if you make one mistake its over
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    Also the hots are packages that are needed to be loaded in a truck at the end of the day. They weren't on my sort asile they where at the pd i was suppost to clean up for recycles at the end of the day. The problem was i had 5 irreg cart fulls of hots and my sort manger boss was like YOU HAVE 5 MINS TO GET the hots to the correct trailers IF you do not YOU are fired....then siad on raid
    COME SEE ME IN MY OFFICE WHEN you are done.......like i can possible get 5 full cart fulls of hots out in a timley manner when he made me send all my people home and ups is big as like 15 acres .....insane man