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  1. upsanon

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    I'm a musician and will be starting soon as a loader. I kind of need my ears, so are we allowed to wear foamplugs on the job for hearing protection? i've read about earphones on here but nothing regarding hearing protection. thank you
  2. drewed

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    go for it, i dont see why not
    but honestly id say get those shooters ear muffs the ones that allow conversation but block out spikes in sound
  3. SoyFish

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    OMG I wanna destroy that Constant Buzzing Noise for the last half hour of loading
  4. upsanon

    upsanon New Member

    what buzzing noise
  5. SoyFish

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    It is like the noise when someone starts a belt back up. BZZZZZZ. And wherever the noise comes from is like right above the trailer I'm in. Seems like there is 20 minutes of that like 45 minutes after break
  6. Baba gounj

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    You can request ear protection also a dust mask if needed. The company is supposed to supply these things; however about the only place I have seen anyone use them is at the airport gateways. Those jet engines can be a tad bit LOUD.
  7. cachsux

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    At our building at every punch in area they have bins of earplugs to use.
    Exposure to sound does not have to be loud,it can be constant exposure to a given frequency that can cause loss of hearing as well.
  8. rod

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    A musician that wants to protect his ears? Let me guess---- your not into heavy metal:happy-very: