Warning letter for not running 1 hour under

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    The first time my new center manager(3 months) introduced himself to me was when I was called into the office and was told I need to run one hour under everyday because my route has alot of miles. He said I would get a warning letter if I did not meet his demands. I told him if you think its that loose then get it time studied. Im a 20 year driver with a untarnished record. Bad mistake on his part. I no longer call customers for them to meet me, that use to cut 20 or more miles off my route. I use perfect(if possible) methods, keep door shut and do the speed limit. I get signatures whenever possible(how were trained to begin with). In fact my dr/ signature ratio has done a complete flip-flop. My miles are way up. My SPH are down, but my overtime is way up. My bonus is up and thats what he wanted. My checks everyweek $$$1600-1700. Residential signatures=overtime and bonus!
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    Oh yes!!--- The old comes back to bite them story. :happy2: A warning letter (like this one) and 50 cents will get you a daily paper most places
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    Ask him to go ahead and issue the warning letter. They make great linings for bird cages, and they are especially useful when you are house breaking a new puppy. Once you are done using it, it can be recycled in an enviornmentally sound manner simply by placing it back in your center managers "in" box.:happy-very:
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    Your fulltime manager is a ignorant fool. Bottom line. And you took that warning letter?
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    if it ain't broke, break it!
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    I am highly confused with this post? You claim to have alot of mileage so there fore you should run an hour bonus? Did he tell you how many miles he wants you to put on so you can get your bonus and if you put on less mileage you would get suspended? I put on 45 miles and I was wondering if I have to put on some more miles.

    Please explain some more if you could!

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    You use "perfect methods" by calling people to come meet you and get their packages? I am not sure what the point of your whole post is.

    You seem pretty proud of what you are doing now and how much money you claim to be making so what is the problem? I can't believe people answer the phone when you call them to come get their packages from you.
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    How did you manage to join the Brown Cafe 37 years ago?
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    Ha! Good eyes, Re raise.

    Been a member 37 years and has finally made his first post!
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    Protest the warning letter regardless. If you do not they will tell panel down the road he must have agreed with the warning letter because he never protested it. He must agree with the production standards.
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    If you read the story in full(not shots of vodka) in between its really not hard to understand. So read it again very slowly word by word and you will not to ask silly questions. Sorry, i just like messing with the nightly drunk. Brown said this would happen!
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    Reminds of the joke about the kid who's parents think he must have problems because he is 6 years old and has never spoken a word. Finally at breakfast one day he says out of nowhere " hey this oatmeal is cold"

    The parents say " Its a miracle you can talk , why haven't you said anything before?"

    The kid replies "everything was okay till now"
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    So what does the center manager say now with your new found standards? He should have picked a rookie driver if he thought this plan was going to work. The pressure he must be under to produce numbers. And no raise to boot. Why anyone would go into management these days is beyond me.
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    Huh ? You 're the one who said you used to call people to meet you and get their packages>
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    I call BS on this whole thread. Any 20 year driver like myself would laugh in the face of any center manager who told him to start running an hour under. We also don't use terms like "untarnished record" but I may just be drunk.

    You know those Vodka shots and all.
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    I was driving about 250 miles a day. I took this route over with a list of phone # to call customers to meet. Using my cell on UPS time to do this took time. So now i just drive to there homes as it should have been done in the first place. Thats why miles are way up(about 280-290 a day for 55 stops=10.5 dispatch)
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    Re-raise, I might ask you if you have ever done a rural route? The rules are different.
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    He said he used to, reread your first post, then try to post again, when you sober up.