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  1. britbrown

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    Hi everyone hope everyone's staying safe in the atrocious weather were having.

    I thought it might be intresting to open up the discusion on what everyones doing to clear the back log and what sort of backed up volumes you all have.

    Our centre manager is insistant that were not doing enough to clear the backlog and that drivers are lying when stating that they cannot access areas. This is despite there being approx 1 to 2 feet of snow on the ground which has now turned to ice.
    We are also being told that using weather as an exception is not acceptable.

    I invited him to go to the out lying areas on the moors and knock himself out and see how much he cleared. Suprisingly he didn't seem keen on this.

    We currently have around 700 undelivered parcels in the centre, and seeing as we handle around 7000-10000 packs a day I don't think it's bad at all.

    What do you all think and do you have any similar tales of blinkered managment.:knockedout:
  2. Anonymous 10

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    Two ecd stops on my rural country route yesterday. I walked alot off and with another eight inches of snow today I think I'll have more. Just keep plugging you never know how it will come off.
  3. Nimnim

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    I don't think we're missing any because of the weather here. If it did snow around the Orlando FL hub I'd say we've got bigger concerns given few would know how to even drive in it here.
  4. bigbrownhen

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    All clear here in the midwest for now, snow expected over the weekend though, hopefully not much.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We dodged a bullet in the city today. Most of the surrounding areas got at least 6" to as many as 20" and we have bare ground.

    Legitimate emergency conditions are part of the job. Misuse of EC is frustrating not only to the drivers but to the customers as well.
  6. moreluck

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    Our friend in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. sent us snow pictures shows the yard stick buried up to the 11 inch mark ! Very pretty to look at, but I don't miss it at all.
  7. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member the thread, "Integrity", the center manager made drivers that could not deliver packages because of being overdispatched mark it down as "emergency weather", or something like that?

    Yet, THIS center manager says here that "using weather as an exception is unacceptable"?

    Is there a "not meeting of the minds"?

    Could that be?
  8. soberups

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    I see that our limey friends from across the pond have the same problems that we do.....they have to go out and do the work in the real world while (excuse me, whilst) their management people exercise all-knowing wisdom and 20/20 hindsight from the safety of a cubicle in a heated office.
  9. lovemyupser

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    They are calling for snow this weekend here. I think it is so funny when the "S" word is said. Everyone and there grandmother go to the store and buy milk, eggs and bread. They freak out over the little things. I will sit on the couch and watch the traffic on my road get heavy as everyone heads to the store. I don't know why those are the items they pick because if the power goes out having eggs does you know good. I guess these southern people don't really know what snow is. Fog is a whole other story.
  10. toonertoo

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    You are not missing a thing. It seemed to curve from that area, to the south, to my area. We had about 8 inches, which is equivalent to the two feet they get up North. Since they do not know how to plow or salt unless its sunday and OT. I moved 100 mi south of the mistake on the lake, Ashtabula, cleveland, etc area, and it used to never snow here. Now my son on the lake says they have a few inches, but its all here. The forecast will melt Friday with temps in the upper 30s and then Sun Monday 14 more inches.
    I had no ecs today. I had 4 yesterday, only 1 because of an unplowed unsalted hill, the other three they had the rd closed due to construction, and it was a white out and I wasnt walking them. I punched out at 830pm, enough for me.
    So those of you in the sunny areas, enjoy, and laugh all you want. $$jingle $$ bells$$$ for me! Ho Ho Ho.
  11. Bubblehead

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    No snow here.
    Not stopping them from using EC.
    What a farce.
  12. Baba gounj

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  13. toonertoo

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    Wellllll....................... thanks baba, I feel much better now!