What about the Remaining 10% ?

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    We have 12 full timers and two part timers (casuals). I am the 10% guy thats not guaranteed 8 or forty. The contract says that 90% of the full time employees are are guaranteed 8 per day when put to work and the work week being forty. The contract says that the casuals will be guaranteed 4 hours per day when put to work and givien 24 hr prior notice to cancell a days work. As you can see, there is not one reference made to the remaining 10 % of full time employee. I worked for the state int the permit and contract dept and i dealt with 5-6 contracts at one time and in contract 101, if its' not in the contract then it doesn't exist.

    this is my problem. I asked my steward the simple question of my placement concerning the casuals when it came to scheduling. I have already been through the contract multiple times and as i said before, there is no refernce of the remaining 10%. This was his response" They can work a casual as long as h doesn't work more than you." When i asked to be shown that part of the contract, of course he fumbled around and couldn't produce. I don't know about you guys but i pay around 60.00 a month for this contract and that's what i'm going to live by. and i expect to be represented . it very clear that there was a mistake in the wording and it needs to be resolved because i know that i am not the only ten percenter and acording to the contract, we are not guaranteed anything when it comes to hours and scheduling. ":angry:Hear what i'm saying"!:angry:. When a senior guy wanted to come to the dock because his position wasn't guaranteed, he bumped me off the dock. Now when i want to exercise my bumping power, i have to share hours with a casual. THAT'S CRAP!. THEY DONT SHARE MY UNION DUES. THEN THEY DONT SHARE MY HOURS!
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    O1 focus: I am in the same boat as you. I am one of the 10 percent on call and have been told the same as you by both stewards and management--they can work a casual as long as he doesnt get more hours than me, (the so called fulltime employee.). Like yourself I have yet to read that anywhere in the contract unless----it is covered in detail in the UPS Package National Freight Agreement that I have not looked at.
    I have a question for you that I cant get management or stewards to answer either.
    I started as casual employee on August 15th of 2008. On November 5th I attained full time status as local cartage/dock as needed. The way I read the contract it states that "any casual employee who attains full time shall be considered to enter that position at the senority rate". I am being paid as a new hire. When I questioned this the manager told me " when you understand the contract come back and see me" DUH, that`s why I have asked everyone-I thought I did understand. The manager tells me I have to work 45 reports after November 5th before attaining the senority rate. Doesnt make sense to me that I am being paid the same as a new hire right off the street. Also, attaining senority in 2008 rather than 2009 means quiet a bit toward vac days, future vacation, personal days etc. Can somebody out there help me???? and dont even get me started on the Health Benefit Package eligabilty. Does anyone at UPS Freight know or care about new employees??????????