What could help fix the over 9.5 abuse from UPS next contract

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  1. Was thinking that maybe the Teamsters could bargain for a driver getting paid extra daily for over 9.5 in the next contract. Instead of having to work 3 times over 9.5 in a work week in order to file for triple time pay, the driver would get their normal time and a half for anything over 8 hours up to 9.5. Anything over 9.5 will be double time or more. Maybe even anything over 11 hours be triple time. Just a thought.

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    Would be pretty hard for the union to enforce anything on this subject matter since management can manipulate any drivers min/max to their liking....just smile BIG on thursday
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    That is too smart.. Remember what we are dealing w/. We get all the O/t we want. Mean while everybody else suffers.
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    Maybe the 9.5 language is working exactly as negotiators intended.

    The purpose is to allow UPS to work drivers over 9.5 whenever they want.

    That's why the restrictions don't apply during November and December.

    Or during the first week of violation in the first 5-month period, or during the first week of violation during the second 5-month period.

    That's why the restrictions don't apply to drivers who didn't sign up because they were pressured or didn't know any better.

    That's why the "tripple time" penalty is really only a time-and-one-half penalty when you examine it.

    That's why the 9.5 Committee was allowed to exclude some cover drivers and extended route drivers after the Contract was ratified.

    That's why the National Grievance Committee is allowed to ignore almost all 9.5 grievances for months on end, and to settle only a token few, usually with ineffective remedies.

    That's why UPS is allowed to violate 9.5 language again and again as if the National Grievance Committee is just there for show.

    The 9.5 language is there to give you the false impression that the problem has been, and is being, dealt with.
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    their is nothing that will change.( 5.8 billion reasons )
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    Thats why I got paid 1.2 k last year, sups had the same opinion, put it on paper and see what happens.
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    I'm sure he means 1200 in triple time pay for excessive OT.
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    I posted this in another thread but feel it fits much better here....And it's too early to type another post so I just copied it.

    I still think we're going about this whole 9.5 ordeal entirely the wrong way. Working 9 and a half hours in itself is really not that big of a deal. What makes it as big of a deal as it is is our ever-later start times. Just working 8 hours (with an hour lunch) when you start at 9:00 AM puts you at 6:00 PM, already an hour later than the 'normal work day.'

    We need significant changes in our start times. I have no idea how to go about doing that, but I think if we were on the road by 8 AM, working a 9.5 or 10 hour day and being off the clock by 6:30 PM is what we need to be focusing on. No one likes getting home at 8 PM (or later) and that is where the real problem lies.

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    You only start 20 minutes after me ! Take advantage of starting later, be it an extra cup of coffee while reading the morning paper or walking the kids to the bus stop and spending some time with them. If you are missing your favorite shows, then get a DVR. Moaning about a 9am start time is tit tat.
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    The businesses we service are complaining about the late start, too.
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    20 minutes is a big deal--I can get WalMart and Sam's done in 20 minutes.

    I can recall an 8:30 start--now we are at 9:15 (9:00 on Mondays). I see 2 FedEx Ground guys on the road already as I am on my way to work. Customers notice this as well and are beginning to grumble.

    I would much rather start earlier so that I could get done earlier. I am not, however, in favor of giving up $5/hr to do so or to ensure an 8 hour day.
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    Yes sir.
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    It is only a matter of time before either UPS makes changes or the customer base makes changes.

    There is no better feeling than telling a business "well, I can only give you these boxes right now, but I'll be back at 10:32 for the other 50!"

    Real professional. /sarcasm
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    I think every driver should put in a suggestion for the next contract that every driver be paid their full wages regardless of being laid off. Local 705 already has this language. It would keep more drivers on rtes. It would keep the company from cutting rtes and raising 9.5's.
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    dead on sir,, dead on
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    can you explain this a bit more....
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    The problem is we have FT drivers here that drool to go home. I think half the FT swing drivers would starve if we didn't the "deal makers"' that would go home 2 days a week. The work ethic around my hub in the lower ranks is that of a fry cook smoking dope at KFC, just enough work to keep the collectors from calling next week.
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    GM tried that. The jobs bank.
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    Example: Package driver 'Dee' is a swing/cover driver, meaning a regular full time seniority driver
    without an assigned (bid) route. If not enough routes are going out that day for Dee to go on road, Dee can get 8 hours (minimum) work inside (preload/reload/hub/etc.), and will be paid at his/her driver rate of pay, not the equivalent part time rate based on his/her company seniority date.

    Hahahaha. We wish. No, still have to work to get paid. But their bills/mortgages still get paid and pension credit earned.