What do we pay guards for?

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  1. A strange practice has cropped up in the Red River District. Alot of the Feeder drivers are now sealing their own trailers. Leaving absolutely no accountability for what goes out of our facilities. None. You could in theory, pull any, any! trailer out of there without the slightest resistance. I wonder how long it would take to notice. I asked the District Safety Manager about this with my Manager right there and the DSM just shrugged and didn't seem concerned. His response surprised even my Manager. When I ask other Feeder drivers about this practice, they say it's to avoid dealing with the inept guards. Of course the guards happily accept this practice as it allows them to do even less and sit around and smoke and play grab ass and sit on their butts. I believe this practice is not procedure and it's interesting that it disappears during audits. Funny that......
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    You sure these were not management people?
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  5. I'm a little slow.......Whooosh!?
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    That's exactly what he's saying.
  7. No, you don't know how stupid I really am. Does he mean swoosh...like you nailed it? Or sheesh?
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    no like he made a sound outloud whoooosh!
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    I've always sealed my own trailer. The guards still check the seal # against the seal control.
  10. Ok......what does that mean? Does he walk around and say whooosh! alot....like a weird tic? To me a whoooshing sound would be a rocket leaving a launcher or something like that.
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    I think he may be implying that the comment went over your head.
  12. Well, they don't here. Do seal your own rail trailers? It got so bad at DFWAS, you would have to lay on the horn loud and long just to wake them up in the guard shack. I must admit, it has improved at DFWAS though. BUT, I could go into or out of any of our facilties down here with a simple thumbs up or down, no questions asked. Get right into(or out of) DFW airport with nary a glance at the trailer. My point is this: I'm sure we pay these guards(their Co. really) alot of money. Alot. Why aren't they doing their jobs? Lastly-is it procedure for you to seal your own trailer? Were you trained that way? A serious question.
  13. Ok. Well, I do get the sarcasm. Mgt. knowing this is happening is a serious thing(to me). But, I guess in this case, it kinda falls into that same category as safety(like running stop signs on property at 50 mph). Shame it takes tragedy or real f-ups to affect change. Truth is(for me) this practice allows for a perceived cost reduction an therefore better "numbers". I believe we have MGT. that will take the risk of tragedy for a better review and pay raise. Not funny.
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    Good questions.

    No, can't seal the rail trailers cuz they don't give us the pin part of the seal.

    Wow, I can't believe they're like that at DFW. At the two airports I go to, they're pretty damn serious about security. Strange they're not at yours. I bet sometime they'll get caught in a sting by TSA and things will change!

    I was trained to seal the trailer myself. Some buildings (guards) DO check the seal number against the seal control when I outbound, some do not. And remember, none of the small buildings even have guards.
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    Outgoing loads from our building are sealed by pt sups but I have sealed my own when they are in a rush. The other buildings in our area have both sups and drivers seal the trailers.
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    How do these guys get hired for guard duty anyway? Is it a 3rd party contractor or UPS run security? All they ever seem to be doing is standing in the A/C cooled shack all day anyway.
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    What's a guard?
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    Those gray things on the highway that separate the two directions of traffic.
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    The guys that drink, party, and have disagreements of payment with hookers before the President flies in.