what exactly does a strike vote mean?

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    since various supplements have been voted down twice you see a lot of strike vote talk.my question is this,does that mean a nation wide strike vote or only a strike vote within those supplements.if that means only within the supplements then will the whole company be on strike or just those supplements.how could these supplements expect to win when the rest of the country already voted in the contract,they would never vote yes on a strike vote.INTELLEGENT RESPONSES ONLY PLEASE.
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    It will not be a nation wide strike if there was a strike it would be localized. Don't count on a strike happening as it isn't going to turn out to good for those that do strike as a localized strike could last a while as UPS would have a much easier time dealing with it and the longer the strike last the more leverage UPS would have.
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    It means that you turn over your rights to the Teamster officials that make the decision whether to strike or not.
    It is usually meant as a bargaining tool but it can mean an actual strike as happened in 1997 when Rob Carey used it to get back at UPS for his "perceived" injustices against him by UPS.
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    According to the IBT constitution, if a supplement has been voted down twice then the third vote must also have a strike authorization vote included. This is a vote to authorize a strike not necessarily strike, the ultimate authority which rests with the National Negotiating Committee. This authorization vote is also only sent to the membership of said affected supplements. If the supplement is voted down a third time but the membership refuses to authorize a strike, then the National Negotiating Committee can then impose the last (third) offer that was voted down.
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    Must have missed the conditions the OP set...
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    Or your ability to interpret a constraint.
    My answer to his question was given within the constraint.
    My aside is not part of the answer but an example which is not part of the answer and therefore not covered by the constraint.

    Anyway, who the hell pays to any constraints stated by the OP ... ask Integrity how well that works.
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    Jib Kelly would be proud of you.:wink2:
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    That's two keys over ... ain't gonna happem! :funny:

    As an aside, I understand Ron Carey was a driver under JIm Kelley way back when.

    Payback is hell!
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    Yes. And Jim Kelly was a driver for UPS in north Jersey before he went into management.
    ​A driver who became the CEO. We'll never see that again.
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    Your last sentence seems the most likely outcome when thinking of our National leadership.
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    To be a lot more accurate---Ron Carey was a driver in the North Bronx --Local 804 NYC--where ron's father also was a driver.

    Jim Kelly was a NJ GUY --hourly and a beginning management person. Had nothing to do with Ron Carey --except when their lives crossed during the fateful 97 negotiations.

    Jim , Dave M. and Lea S. Did a terrible job with media relations in 97--with a lot of "no comments":sad-little:

    Ron C loved the cameras and convinced the media and the general public that the 97 strike was over "part time America" --rather than the real truth --who controlled the Pension fund money.:happy-very:

    I had the opportunity --or some would say the inopportunity of working with and getting to know both men at different times during my long UPS career.

    I was able to call RC --Uncle Ron way before he became International Teamster head-- and later down the winding road --at various mgmt mtgs --JK -would always kid with me and tell me that I had the "toughest" three minute history summary he had ever heard. Good memories !!:wink2:
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    After the the second vote IBT takes over through NNC. Even if a strike vote goes through it doesn't mean crap because IBT doesn't want a strike. You will never see a strike....
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    A localized strike were be devastating for the Teamsters. It would give UPS an isolated opportunity to see how all the new systems since 97 would work when hiring replacements for those on strike. It would give UPS some insight on what they need to improve upon and what worked.
  15. Insincerity

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    I don't believe I have experienced a local strike at UPS. I have heard of Philly doing at some point. I do not think it is likely since the IBT would have to think it was worth a localized grievance over the rest of the country. It would be hard to envision that scenario.
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    I could only wish we had someone like Carey. someone who actually would fight the company, then someone who is a golfing partner of management - and had no interest in our good and welfare. UPS loves Hoffa. I wonder why? just wait till we all see that it's too late to strike DURING peak. then we'll know why things dragged at the end - others will remain in denial.
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    Typical corporate shill response. :surprised:
    97' was not about UPS injustices.
    The union members (only 15% voted) were stupid enough to give the negotiating committee full power to call STRIKE without the membership reading the UPS offer.
    97' was, no less, and no more, a dog fight between Hoffa and Carey.
    The pension fund was the bone.
    In 97' UPS could have bought out of Central States, to protect the pensions of UPSer's for $520 million.
    It took Central States pension fund going into critical statis for the union to allow UPS to buy out the pension fund for $6 BILLION.
    My response to the OP's question is that when one gives power to the few over the many that is a bad course of action.

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    Exactly. No one will go out for a supplement. National was the only way it was going to happen
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    I'm confused. The national is a done deal, who are they going to strike against? UPS washed there hands of the health care and the teamsters are the ones who have the 10 million......
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    Louisville is one of the locals (89?) yet to ratify their supplement. Can you imagine a 1 day work stoppage during Peak at Worldport?