What is a #back first exception#??

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  1. Asked 5 different people and got 5 different answers....
    any smart people out there ??
  2. Poop Head

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    When you don't back first
  3. CoolStoryBro

    CoolStoryBro Active Member

    I've never gotten a straight answer. No one has said anything about telematics in years. It's become an just another one of UPS' cool stories.
  4. Brown Biscuit

    Brown Biscuit Blind every day

    Are you all serious?? After starting up, it’s when you put the Package Car into “Reverse” before driving forward a certain amount of feet. The amount of feet is the part I usually get different answers on. Heard anywhere from 50-250 feet.
    Basically shows you didn’t leave yourself an out.
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  5. It's 90 feet....
    according to an ocs.
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  6. It also shows that the little car/motorcycle that just parked in front of you didnt leave you an out.
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  7. I feel so dumb driving past people with their hand out to receive their pkg, down a farm lane and turning around just so I don't have to put it in R after I stop the truck.

    People say "what's that all about?".
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  8. zubenelgenubi

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    I might just blow some minds here, but back first exceptions are only recorded by telematics after a stop complete. It is not simply after turning off the package car. I've heard both 100 feet and 500 feet. 500 feet is way too far. I'm fairly certain it's in the neighborhood of 100 feet. So if you back before driving forward 100 feet after a stop complete, it will register a back first exception. However, if you back a very short distance, 8 ft or less, within that first 100 feet it won't register as a back at all.

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  9. MyTripisCut

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    A back first exception is something I could give two :censored2:s for. If I backed, it was necessary, as per the rules of backing. End of story. I’ve had more near accidents trying to accomplish this stupid metric than if I just drove like I know how to. I don’t bother anymore.
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  10. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    I led the district in back first exceptions one fine day ... I was so very proud
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  11. KOG72

    KOG72 I’m full of it

    Genius,I say
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  12. KOG72

    KOG72 I’m full of it

    I have heard 200ft....but if that was the case I would lead the nation.
  13. Sometimes you have to back first. Especially if you park at the end of the block and are trying to make yourself hard to hit.
  14. Ghost in the Darkness

    Ghost in the Darkness Well-Known Member

    We were once told its closer to 500ft. I also don't believe anything they say.
  15. UPSjedi41

    UPSjedi41 Active Member

    When asked about back first exceptions “Yes you told me to. If you need to back, back first”
  16. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Trash day?
  17. TheMachine

    TheMachine Are you sure you want to punch out?

    Just drive, deliver and don’t hit anything. Fook da’ UPS police.
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  18. CoffeeStainedUniform

    CoffeeStainedUniform Active Member

    Trick: remember the last 4 on the package. Give it to them, turn around, then "search" for the barcode.

    Back firsts are only if you use the diad then go into reverse. Otherwise you cant get out of your truck before backing to a dock to check/open your doors
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  19. Zowert

    Zowert Active Member

    All you have to do is start up and inch forward a little bit, then you’re technically obeying the backing rules.
  20. Then I get busted for recording while idling.
    Or recording while in travel.
    Or if i give them the pkg and screw up the last four digits while doing all of the above I have to hit details on the pkg edit and then i find out it was signature required.

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