What is wrong with these people?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I was watching a thing on CNN and it was called behind the veil. I believe it was in Afghanistan. A young girl on there, child bride at 7 had burned legs badly disfigured, beautiful face. and she said she did it to herself. Imagine going from diapers to being married. Sex at 7, Oh boy, How sad. She hates living, and although the interview was allowed, her husband and mother in law were watching the whole time. Makes us all realize how lucky we are to be raised in the USA.
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    Oh sure! Unless you live in an Amish community here on US soil! Or the many perves here that rape young girls and not even marry them....This happens all over the world. Please open your eyes it is just not in other countries! Guys can marry guys and women can marry women! And men beat there wives or kill them in all different ways here.......
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    Hey paid, take a pill or go to bed.
    Yes abuse happens everywhere, wish it didnt. I was talking about a show and commenting on Overs link, duh.
    No wonder Bigfoot hides from us.
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    :furious:Oh my goodness there's absolutely no words for such a horrible life those girls have to live because I guess in their culture obviously this is accepted to when they don't get what they what. :sad-very: I hope karma comes back around to these that are responsible and they get what's coming to them.