What of im boy given full 30 days for Ft

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    I haven't had a chance to call the union hall yet regarding this issue for being out of town on vacation and being very busy so I figured I'll post this here for now.

    I am next up to train for FT PC. They said they won't be able to get me in training in my center so they are sending me an hour away to get my 30 in. Is there anything I need to be informed about regarding this? What if they are not able to offer me 30 working days before the free period of peak? What are some resolutions here?

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    In my part of Central States if you start training before free period starts then your seniority will go back to the first day even if some days were in free period. If you don't start until after free period begins then you can't gain seniority until after free period ends but the training days will still count. That is for a normal full time driver position. I don't know how it will work with seasonal or temporary cover drivers or any of those other types of driver.
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    If its a permanent job it doesn't matter in the central. I did mine during peak.
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    I'm in northeast ohio. So are you saying the rules say I can still qualify in the free period during peak in my own center? And this is for a full time permanent position

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  5. Call your business agent. This site isn't your business agent.
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    Waiting on a return phone call. Thanks for your concerns

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    Wish I had a good answer for you.

    But good luck....future full timer!
  8. My advice is my concern and it's for your own good.
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    I'm still trying to figure out what the title of this thread means.
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    It did claim the title of goofiest.
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    Too many beers? when this thread was created?
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    No I had a typo and couldn't fix it once it was done. It was supposed to be not Not boy

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    Yeah, that helped......not.
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    You can still become permanent full time even during peak. Just don't sign a seasonal agreement!!
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    Well according to union and management you can not continue training into peak. Or maybe they meant there would be no routes available due to no vacations

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    So if I'm training for Ft permanent position I can still be trained during November?

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    Well it appears to be in our supplement ( NE Ohio). You can not qualify during free period starting nov 1

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    In our area you can't qualify during peak.. though when you qualify your seniority gets back dated. In the southern region you have 120 days to qualify and if you don't get your 31st report within 120 days you start another 120 days and another 30 days.. But if your 120 days fall during peak, your 30 qualifying days and the 120 days given to qualify freeze til after peak. Then you just continue. I think the answer depends on which region your under