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    I got a traffic ticket in my personal vehicle, some of it valid some bs. I am considering fighting the BS portions of it. I was hoping to use the hyatt legal services that ups provides to its employees. went to upsers.com and like 95% of the info I look for on there I couldn't find it.

    Was hoping someone could get me the right phone number because it doesn't seem to work with the hr solutions number either.
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    There is a very reputable steward on this site, with the user name "407 steward", he will most likely have the number for you.
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    found it myself by searching for hyatt legal online and just going through their site directly.

    Its 800-821-6400 for those that need to know in the future.

    ‚ÄčIs upsers as a site purposely made to be nearly unnavigable?
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    UPS does not provide Hyatt Legal Services to its employees. It participates in Hyatt Legal Services, and offers employees in company-controlled benefit plans the option to buy into Hyatt Legal Services; if you do so, you're paying the entire premium (it doesn't cost UPS a cent).

    If you bought into it (you needed to do so during open enrollment last fall), go to their website direct (legalpans.com) and log-in. If you haven't done so before, you'll need to register. From there you'll readily have access to the information you're seeking.
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    Save your money. I received a ticket for 40-6-16 ( Georgia move over law) violation in my personal vehicle, failure to move over. Basicly it was given to three, yes three of us as we entered the highway, 200 yards from the exit ramp where two police pulled over a landscape trailer. Basicly it was a BS ticket and given at a known police moneymaking speed trap/DOT hotspot. I contacted legal counsels from three firms all wanting 300-500 bucks to just go in and negotiate at the initial hearing, not a trial. The ticket itself is anywhere between 400-600 bucks with three points on your record

    I spoke to the third attorney and basicly in nutshell he said that its not worth fighting traffic tickets since they are all about money, especially in jurisdictions where revenue from the past 5 years has been low, hence the DOT pulling trailers and tractors over to nickel and dime companies to make up for shortages.

    All that being said I walked in the municipal court and waited for my turn to approach the court. Two court attorneys on behalf of the state were there and I could hear them making deals with defendants. When my turn came up I simply told them I understand what it is, I'd be willing to pay the fine but no points or record of the ticket on my DMV in return. Signed off on it and paid the fine, needless to say I am still bitter about it to this day.
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    I participated in Hyatt Legal Services several years ago - I wanted a living will established (I'll be damned if somebody attempts to keep my body alive when I'm already dead) and at ~$100 (for the year), it was the most cost effective option. By "luck," that year was the only time I was pulled over (of course I received a ticket!) in the past 11 years. I was visiting family in Fullerton & when trying to merge onto the freeway, I was the only car to stop behind the light (only in CA) yet I was the only one to be pulled over & receive a ticket for running the light. It took some effort, but I found a law office willing to represent / show up for me (it's over 2,000 miles - as the crow flies - from my home). I paid a minimal amount of money toward court costs, but -- somehow, for whatever reason, I really don't care why -- they got the matter dropped.

    Also keep in mind that in many jurisdictions, including the county I reside in, courts have a no-negotiation policy. This means that if you're clocked & written up for going 55 in a 45 zone, you're going to get the points & monetary penalties for it. Thus, if you're somebody with many points on your license, it may be to your advantage to hire an attorney -- with or without HLS -- to fight it. When you hire an attorney, they suddenly become willing to negotiate.
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    Really?!?!? We couldn't tell.
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    I thought it was TOS for a second ... just a novella though.
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    In my area the employees are bought into it via the company benefits plan, and I had previously used it. I don't know how it will work under the new contract but we definitely have it in at least my area so.....
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    Huh...tickets aren't worth fighting really so far as lawyers go, but you can set up a court date and if the ticketing officer can't make the court date, they'll wave the fine. Usually doesn't happen much though...you can defer a ticket once every 10 years in Washington. I assume other states have similar bylaws.
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    Damn that's really gonna piss UPS off...I hear they were trying to have language added in the contract where they could do just that!---LOL
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    If UPS provides to it you at no-cost, or you signed up for it during open enrollment, then you will be able to log into their website directly and find the information you're seeking.