What Your October Raise Really Means

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    I'll make it brief, because I've only got a second. The important thing to remember about your "raise" is that it isn't a raise at all. Your real-life take-home pay continues to decline as Fred screws you on hours, breaks, and incredibly high insurance costs. Whatever he gives you has already been more than taken away. Sometimes I think that some employees don't know how to use a calculator because they think they are actually getting ahead.

    The reality is that you have lost substantially already this year, and most of us stand to lose a lot more when the new insurance BS kicks-in. Fred is trying his best to pay you like a Ground driver and force you into going with public exchange coverage under Obamacare. That saves Lucifred even more money. He could care less if you live or die. All he wants is more money.
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    This is absolutely true. Don't believe him, check for yourself.

    The Social Security Admin sends you a statement of what you have earned for every year you worked. Go back to a comparable year to your present status. (Full time hours to full time. part time if you are presently part time). Now take that amount and feed it into the Dept of Labor's cost of living calculator here CPI Inflation Calculator
    The figure you get is what you should be making if your pay kept up with national cost of living index. The differance between that number and what you make today is the amount fedex is cheating you out of.
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    What your October raise really means is that Fred values you almost as much as he values that fat turd he dropped shortly after lunch today.
  4. Guys, it's not that bad. I hate putting my personal information and documents online, but I feel I need to come to FedEx's defense here. I'm at Ground, and even I got a raise. I will post it.



    As you can see, I now make a living wage.
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    ‚Äčim not with fedex ground and it is that bad.
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    Just give ole fecal matter Fred a few years and he will turn ground in to the steaming turd he has made express. And expect you guys to chew and swallow his :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: sandwiches for a fraction of what you should make!
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    I'm making .03 more than what it says I should be making.
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    McDonalds is hiring in Chilhowie VA.

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    Which is exactly why I don't live in Chilhowie, VA.