Where is UPS going to get next generation drivers?

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    Have they looked around the hub lately? The selection of people whom you'd want coming to your door seems to be at an all time low. I don't doubt this was always something to raise an eyebrow at but with over a half decade inside now I have ran across only a handful of people I could "see" driving. Most of those were coerced into part time supervision at some point. Others have no interest in driving and full time means a decade + long wait for a shot at combo bid. One wouldn't expect to see hoards of scholars hucking cardboard for peanuts, but has this always been such a glaring question to the observant?
  2. brown bomber

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    my bet is that there will alot of openings next year, due to questions regarding the new (upcoming) contract....I think that questions about the resolve of part-timers, is largely the fault of UPS Mgt., there is no motivation to stay, and the chances for Fulltime, in the past were basically nonexistant
  3. rocket man

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    a lot of fed x drivers will come running
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    you get what you pay for. I'm surprised they can get anyone at the wage part-timers start at. You do raise a good point though. Quality of drivers could be a problem in the future.
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    The company will send recruiters to the projects and Section 8 housing.
    Vacancies will be filled quickly.
  6. rod

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    thats already been tried------------didn't work----imagine that
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    We used to have jail buses drop off minimum security detainees for shifts 8-10 years ago.
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    The future? Look at some of the knuckleheads their putting on the road in the last couple of years. Complain about everything, never seem to get done without help. Call in at least twice a month.
  9. barnyard

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    Here in the midwest, finding drivers off the street is a piece of cake. Google Speedee Delivery. $10/hr to start. Most of our off the street hires came from there.
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    I feel that this is a great thread! My question is this: Where will UPS find people to work on the street as drivers that will put up with the daily screaming for production and telematics reports? The younger generation will leave and not put up with it.
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    From what i can see with the new Sat. Air drivers coming in. You have guys wanting to imput address'/ use GPS on their phones to find them. Guys don't want to/are unable to hone their mapping skills. this to me, is the downfall of the next generation of driver.
  12. Speedy Cerviche

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    The next generation won't need mental mapping skills. Telematics is only the beginning, eventually we'll be fully wired with a heads up display and we'll be receiving real time information. Not just our bosses.
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    we were the younger genaration once.
  14. wornoutupser

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    We were- but times are a changing!
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    You kids with your seat belts and slighty working heaters. When I lumped the cardboard, we used old pie pans for steering wheels, Coolidge was cool, a raccoon washed clothes in that European style, and it got you mad!!!

    My guess is that they'll get them from preload, local sorts, twilight shift or outside hires. How did UPS do it before?
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    Some wench said to me today. I want your job, I want to just drive around all day. While she is drinking a colt 45 1/2 pounder at 2pm. I said yea, go apply, you will get right in.
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    I have found that the better drivers are hired off the street.:wink2:
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    Out of the gutter in your case.
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    This will be my last post on Brown Cafe. I would like to thank the majority of you as I have enjoyed the time I have spent here. I would also like to thank Cheryl and Tony for putting together a meeting place for us to share thoughts, talk about new technologies or simply to vent. Dave.

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