Where will all the 22.4 drivers come from?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Str8right72, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Our bump comes every year.
  3. Nice
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    It IS a RPCD job that the union sold out it's members and "negotiated" allowing the company to pay them less to do the same work but without those pesky protections the company complained about! Our union dues being used to bend us over.

    More crap coming out of the mouth of our "elected officials" We are not buying the :censored2: you keep trying to sell, what part of this are you not getting!

    You have been called out on your lies. You have run away from direct questions asked to you when the answer, which is clear to all of us, contradicts your narrative. You then attack anyone who does not blindly believe you like lemmings. It's X-mas, I will say a prayer for your soul this season!
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    There’s no reason that rank and file members shouldn’t be on the national negotiations...
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    UPS is playing the long game while the IBT can't see their dicks over their bellies!
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    The members sold themselves out.... by not voting.

    Plain and simple.

    Myself and others, understand it completely.

    What part about only 22% of the members voting for strike authorization

    do you not understand ? That's not a mandate from the majority of the

    members, willing to financially risk their personal lives to walk a picket line.

    Point one out.

    I don't lie.... I tell the truth.... to the point, that it hurts.

    Now you're starting to sound like @Time for change.

    Life is too short. Let go of that anger.

    If only people would get off their duff, and complain to their elected officials

    (in person) at a monthly meeting.... instead of yelling at me on the internet.

    I'll say 2 for you, just so you don't stroke out.

    Relax.... I'm not the enemy.

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    @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U might sign up
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    For the observational purposes of education ? Sure.... why not.

    Unfortunately, active participation would only yield personal complaints.

    Then.... there is the cost of reimbursing the wages, health care, pension

    payments, transportation, lodging, and meals.
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    ....and that ain't cheap in such centralized locations as Ft Lauderdale ans San Diego.
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    Centralized locations are convenient.... for some.

    Should some local's be continually be penalized, by being required to

    travel to every panel outside of their "comfort level" ??
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    Every 5 years they should pick locations that minimize costs for membership "as a whole".

    It's a simple premise I'm sure you understand, while pretending that these locations are somehow choosen on rotating schedule in fairness to all locals, instead of the same hand full of waterfront tourist towns that is reality.

    Try again???

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  13. Coldworld

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    I’m sure there would be rank and file members who would pay for food and lodging out of their own pockets....
  14. Coldworld

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    Next time they come to San Diego they can crash on my couch, see how tiny my home is and maybe get an earful.
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    The locations aren't scheduled and booked that far in advance.

    The only thing wrong with that premise.... is the dates, times, and locations

    are mutually agree to with the company. I doubt anyone is going to agree to

    hold a panel (let alone a National one) in Fargo ND in February.

    The company shares half of the general expenses.

    The other problem being, is the occupancy accommodations for the event.

    When the panels are booked, a block of rooms are secured until a certain date.

    Miss the cut-off for booking a room.... and you might not be staying there.

    That happened to me in Chicago. The Nation Panel was at the Hyatt in downtown.

    I didn't think we were going to hear a case I had docketed for the Air panel,

    and at the last minute, the labor guy decided not to pay the $53.00 grievance.

    The room rate was around $200 a night, but because I missed the cut-off....

    it was now $745. My Local Union President laughed and said I could sleep in

    my car, or book a room in Rosemont and make the drive in and out everyday.

    So, my belated point being.... (besides it being a $53.00 grievance)

    I won't dismiss your thoughts, but there is more to it.

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    I've been to a National contract review, and a National Panel in San Diego.

    Both times at Mission Bay. I had never been to a major hotel, that didn't have

    doors leading to the front desk. They said it's sunny and 74℉.... everyday.

    Both times (at the review) everyone was cautioned to stay at the hotel.

    And not.... travel to Tijuana, which was only 5 miles away.
  18. Coldworld

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    Why the hell are $53.00 grievances even making their way to a National Panel????
  19. Bubblehead

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    That's a shame, because many people say that you have never really lived until you have been to a Tijuana Donkey Show....

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  20. BigUnionGuy

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    The grievance involved Article 40 National air language.

    The company was willing to pay the grievance with "no precedent set".

    My position was BS.... the language is clear.

    So, we heard the case. (in front of the National Air committee)

    With a different labor manager.. who's position was.. "I would have paid it."

    It was deadlocked into arbitration. To forgo the expense, the company paid

    at the direction of the National Air Panel.


    *the things an average member doesn't know*

    (I try and tell them.... and they yell at me on the internet) :biggrin: