Who gets the hrs?

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  1. aikiernie

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    Hey guys a quick question.Two part timers one 4 years ,other 1 year,the 4 year employee is sent home at 3 1/2,the 1 year allowed to work 5 hrs.Can the 4 year employee file for the hrs given to the less senior employee?:surprised:
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    Duh. Yes.
  4. drewed

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    for this instance in case of hours it goes top to bottom
  5. aikiernie

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    Ok, what if the 1 guy is in a preferred job or a skilled job?
  6. drewed

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    the one thats getting the hours? if its a skilled job theyre doing, youre not qualified for it so i believe theyd get the hours
  7. aikiernie

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    Thats fair enough for me ,Thanks.
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    Hey I am a shop stewart in California. If at all in dought file a grevance... it can't hurt it sounds like the guy with 4 years is getting the raw in of the deal.... Tell him to call his B/A at the Union hall and have him look in to it. The guy does not want to keep missing out on a Hour and 1/2 pay if he dont have to right ???? CALL THE TEAMSTERS