who makes the best drivers?

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    This may be an absolute fluke but I've noticed that a majority of our drivers come from the preload.

    Is your center the same different? Do u have an option as to why this may be?
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    Some people say Callaway, others Ping or even Cleveland..........

    Wait, not golf clubs? Sorry!:devil3:
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    Part time supervision!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Preload and air driving. I did both together back in the 90 s. Preload helps you out a lot because you understand how a car is loaded. When i started driving we didnt have pass or edd. so it helped a lot.I ran a few of the areas i loaded blind and it was easy cause i knew right where everything was. Air driving because you can get experience driving and using Diad with a minimal number of stops. I also think preloaders know a lot more of what's going on in the centers than other part time hub employees.
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    Those with air/casual driving experience start their 30 days with a leg up having some experience like a head start. Preloaders know a bit about how a truck is loaded but a newbie driver gains that experience in about a day or two.

    In my opinion there is not a particular task or shift that produces the best drivers. It is about who can stick it out playing the waiting game to get the job...those serious enough to learn the doks verbatim to pass driver school and willing to bust their ass to make seniority.
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    They're kinda flavor-of-the week!

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

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    I don't know if it makes them better drivers, but I think the path for preloaders to driving is easier than other inside positions. Interaction with drivers, overhearing conversations, having access to the center team. The number one thing in my mind that helps, however, is it is a lot easier for preloaders to be used as helpers than other shifts, and an additional benefit is that when a spot helper is needed-say a driver load turns up heavier than expected-preloaders who have been used as and are proficient at being a helper are often offered the opportunity to help the driver get through the day.
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    Anyone with a work ethic that is a self motivator. Sad part is these are rare qualities in today's generation.
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    Them Dam young whipper snappers,listening to Rock n roll music, smoking dope, having wild sex. Dam them!!!
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    That's why I think it just happens being a preloader a little more often than other shifts. It takes a little more to be up at 3 am everyday to go into work everyday. Anyone that can do that for 5,6,7 years before driving usually has the work ethic to become a driver.

    I know many people tried to get me to
    Do Saturday air before I drove. I'm so glad I didn't. Pretty sure it would of just given me a false sense of the pace I needed to work at to make it as a driver.
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    Is that a challenge for long drive competition???

    I actually hit a 5+/- year old Adams 430Q. A Taylor Made R7 quad style. But I'm due for a new driver. My weaker playing partners are starting to out drive me. LOL.
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    brown cafe makes the best drivers!!!
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    The best drivers make themselves. Absolutely no one else.
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    The best drivers are hired off the street.
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    Technically, ALL drivers are hired off the street. I have yet to see one descend from the heavens.
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    I guess we haven't met. Hi, my name is Dave.
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    We have a full time preload. The company's position was that the best preloaders were former drivers. They were right! I found that the best preloaders were drivers who didn't want to drive anymore. Years ago, If you bid preload, you had to spend 30 days driving before you could get the job. Of course PAS has changed that.
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    Hi! My name isn't Dave.:happy-very: