who wants a $200 a week pay raise

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    From what I have read it would be more than 200 a week, it would be about 350, for us, anyway. You decide when you want to pay tax, buy a used car, no tax. buy a new one 20% tax. I think it would work, and many of our congress people think the same. You could actually control where and how you spend "all" your money. And the rich would pay more, which is the way it is now, but more fair to the peons who actually work. I could see people being able to pay off any debt they have and being able to fuel the economy with actual cash purchases. And the ones on Welfare or illegal income would pay it too. I like it, I see a few downfalls, but I think it would be more fair, easier to manage, and no IRS people would be out of work as they would still be mailing the checks to everyone until that person got above the poverty limit.
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    As spun by the columist it sounds great! So what's the catch.

    Unless you are still buying oceanfront land in Arizona or sending in your collection fees for "winning" that overseas lottery you never entered once again, you know there is a catch.

    I am all for simplifying the stupid tax situation,but only after hearing the catch would I be willing to decide whether it is a great idea or not.

    Off hand I am wondering if according to the column the government immediately loses all income tax revenue and ends approximately 22% of various other taxes and replaces it with a 23% sales tax that has a built in major get out of jail free deductible, just what exactly does the government run on?

    Certainly not good will.

    Worth looking into more though.
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    This could never happen. People with power and money would never allow themselves to be taxed fairly. Everything is being done to transfer the tax burden to the lower classes. If it isn't done directly through taxes it is done through fees.

    All history is the history of class warfare.

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    You have to pay the piper somehow. Either you pay now or later.

    We need some major tax reform now. A FLAT TAX is the fairest way to go but too many special interests have a say in the system. How many laywers and accountants would be put out of work or redirected to more productive tasks if that were to happen?

    A national sales tax is good to as it would catch a lot of the underground economy that is done in cash.

    I was trained as an accountant but wouldn't do my taxes for the last 10 years because the system is so complicated! I was afraid of doing it wrong. (My situation also got a bit more complicated too but not that much.)
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    10% or whatever % for everybody straight across the board, no deductions and fill it out on a postcard!! CPA's and IRS people can get jobs.....because there's a driver shortage, or so I've read.
  7. This guy is a lawyer, not an economist. He needs to learn that supply and demand set prices, NOT taxes! And not the other way around! Also, corporations get taxed at 35-40%. That's a lot of freakin money. Will a 23% retail tax really make up for that?

    So if I understand it correctly, there is only a tax on retail - hence, new stuff, right? If so, that will blow up the secondary market. Who wants to buy a new car and pay 23% tax on it if they can buy it slightly used and with no tax? If you have any understanding of simple supply and demand, then you will know that that will drive up the prices of old/used/secondary items thus eliminating any tax advantage.

    I'm not saying this is a bad idea because frankly I haven't researched it and don't know much about it, but this article does a very poor job of promoting it from an economics standpoint.
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    Until 1942'(Victory Tax Act) we didn't have a tax withholding system as the tax was so small many people didn't have to pay it at all. Until 1913' we didn't even have a federal income tax at all, so to speak. We actually had our first income tax from an 1861' act but that's another story. Instead of trying to create another means of paying the same monies for taxes why not look at what caused the need to have such an expanive tax system to begin with. Then to lessen the need by taking a hard look at what gov't does to begin with having all those monies in hand.

    I like the fair tax idea but until we control the govt's ability to spend money at a whim I'm not so sure a national sales tax in time wouldn't also turn into a national nightmare like the current system does. I believe before we can truly decide on a proper means of taxation we must first learn and understand what the federal gov't does with the money to begin with and I also believe we have to learn about economics and banking as they both are joined at the hip. The fact is 1913' gave us both the income tax and the Federal Reserve act in the same year and they are not devoid of a link. We've yet on a broad scale to understand that nature. Until we do OK2BC is correct in that there are devils in the details.

    I personally am for totally and completely eliminating the income tax period and all federal taxation would be in the form of excise taxes and duites mostly driven as a result of user type fees. You don't use it, you don't pay. Fairtax is a temporary bandaid to a symptom not the root cause.
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    As you said you haven't researched it and I'd suggest you might do that as the many questions you had are answered. You may or may not like the answers but they are answered. I haven't read the article posted but I can tell you a single article is not going to answer all the complexities involved.

    I'd suggest as a starter to go to the fair tax website and look around a bit. Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder of Gerogia currently have a book at the publishers on the fair tax to be released in August and is available for pre sale at the many bookstores and internet book sources.

    Whether the fair tax is the right or perfect answer I can't say but I'm glad to see Americans looking at other ideas. From Linders perspective he believes once the American public is slapped in the face with in what some believe as the true and real cost of gov't that Americans on a broad scale will demand the gov't cut back and thus in time the percentage of the tax 23% at present the purposed rate would be scaled back. I'm not that optimistic as Americans like their gov't security blanket and when it's their pet programs they will scream and cry and the leadership will cave in and the only thing to happen is the % will likely go up. Linder also believes this tax method would propel our economy into high speed laying the groundwork for companies who have left the US shores for tax purposes to come back home while at the same time pulling in the underground economy where most believe billions of dollars annually are lost.

    Take some time to check it out as I'm sure you will find things you like, don't like and generate further questions that quite frankly need to be asked. The idea of some form of flat tax or national sales tax has been around for a couple of decades and has actually gotten better in addressing various problems from the earlier concepts.

    The Bush adminstration who was pushing for change in the tax system recently announced it has tabled or postponded the process for now. I think he saw where his big spending ways might be threatened and got cold feet.[​IMG]
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    Well I guess it sounds good so everybody get in touch with thier congressmen or woman and senator and let them know also tell everybody you know to do the same
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    hello Guy's and Gal's Iv'e been lurking around here a long time.. I like the the idea of the fair tax plan. One of the concepts that I like is, every person in America that buys something at the retail level will contrubte into the tax pool and social security. just think about all of the illegal aliens that live here and all of the tourist that come to visit
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    I love the idea of a flat tax. The problem is the IRS and our wonderful Congressmen and Senators (both parties) will have nothing to do, (like they already do so much).The idea of a flat tax is too simple for the law makers to understand.