Why am I loading 4 to 5 package cars in the preload at 250 pph?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bryon Smith, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Vermillion

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    I use to be seasonal help for UPS not to long ago. Therefore I am very familiar with their preload operation. Usually 3 cars to a pre loader at the rate of 190 packages loaded per hour, off a conveyor belt that runs around 35 feet per minute.
    I recently moved and needed benefits so I applied to the nearest UPS facility to work their pre-load. I was pretty much taken back at what I saw during the operation. Most loaders had 4 to 5 cars, and a load rate of well over 230 pieces per hour. The conveyor belt was flying at 45 feet per minute. All of this overload put the workers will past their capabilities. I witnessed at least 30% of the packages being thrown into the cars in order to keep up. I even saw a guy load a package car from the other side of the conveyor belt. I cant even image the damage claims this facility must get along with misloads, and the hours wasted because the drivers have to reload the sequence on road.
    Is this the common practice now for the preload, or did I just stumble on a rogue facility that is out of control? Throwing packages twenty feet, no matter what weight or the contents is the norm here..... Any insight is appreciated
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    BTW, don't use your real name as a screen name. TOS violation.
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    of course ..... that's why I picked a "Smith"
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    Standard expected Loader pph is 4 packages per min...which is 240 an hour. And thats minimum. Any idiot can do that.
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    Thanks vermillion!
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    We are talking physical capabilities, not brain power. I could handle 240 on 3 cars, but not across 5 cars and a 45 feet per minute belt speed.
    Physically impossible without throwing and stacking...
  7. Vermillion

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    yup... after the 6th person suggested I change it, I finally gave in....
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    Engineering says you can therefore you can.
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    Your facility isn't the only one. Sups pour it on as fast and hard as the belt will carry to keep their scans per hour numbers up. And then they run around pushing everyone to load their crap mountains as fast as possible and punch out. And the next day at PCM they whine about misloads and load quality like conditions were such that both should have been perfect.

    Just work in a way and at a pace that you can be safe. If that causes a bigger problem, tell your sups they're welcome to accept your safe work practices, make changes or be contacted by your union BA.
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  10. Box Ox

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    Massive difference between catching and loading packages for 3 cars and 4 or 5. It's a lot of ground to cover. By the time you've left car 5 your stuff for 1 and 2 are almost past them with 3-5 right behind them at best.
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    Just push the button. Your only human. Catch up
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    Sounds to me like they have a bunch of rookies who decided to come in and work hard. Then when they got more work for a reward they got screwed. Now they can't keep up. Why would UPS hire more workers if one person can handle 5 cars. They all need to come together and slow down. Once highers ups see that everyone is getting on the road late they will hire more workers.
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  13. fres431

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    Union doesn't recognize numbers we recognize Safety..numbers are for management bonuses..it's called adjust to changing conditions. Management says numbers look good on paper but in reality it won't work. Stop the belt only the person that stops it can start/reset it. If supervisor reset it grieve it and report a safety concern. Or just stack out
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  14. upssouth

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    You're over thinking this job.
  15. EasyTrucker

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    I used to load 5 cars at the end of the belt, which means you get all the packages loaders in front of you miss and all the packages sorted to the wrong belt. And this was when we had to memorize every street for every car and every sequence number to write on the box. We didn't have stickers telling us what box goes where in each car, so I'm not really sure what you are complaining about. It's called working the belt, you should've been trained to do this.
  16. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Yeah, but he was a "seasonal" and he's "familiar with the preload operation."

    So there!
  17. Jackburton

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    Welcome to the big leagues, this past peak was T-ball, everyone was winner besides UPS stockholders.
  18. PT Car Washer

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    Drivers complaining because they were sitting at home sipping a beer at 6:00 PM during peak and not collecting those normal big December paychecks.
  19. Dr.Brownz

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    Don't worry we will have a 2013 christmas again next year when UPS tries to "maximize profit potential".
  20. PT Car Washer

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    I agree with that. Only good news is it won't be me out till 10:00 PM.