Why Do We Use Custom-Made Package Cars?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Livin the Dream?, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    I'm serious - why do we use custom-made cars from Freightliner, gruman, etc?

    I drove a Dodge Sprinter Turbo-Diesel the other day - Holy Crap! Power, comfort, accessibility.

    Half the cost of what we spend on our package cars.
  2. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    One of the mechs will be happy to answer why our fleet doesnt comprise a lot of sprinters, young bragg you really are still really wet behind the ears
  3. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Please, oh wise one, grace me with your vast, infinite knowledge, and bless me with your opinion.
  4. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    The reason the sprinters dont comprise our package fleet is because theyre trash, theyre not a work horse, the trannys go out, engine problems, tfer case problems.....Not saying the other cars dont have problems as well but the hour in the shop per hour on the road is lower
  5. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    I still use a P800 that was built in 1985. Kills my arms steering that tank.
  6. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Thank you so very much for blessing me with the time it took to type in an answer. You are great and wonderful, and I will forever sing your praises. I am not worthy to have you read my insignificant ramblings.

    For all the other normal people here - forget I said Sprinter - why don't we use existing makes/models of vehicles?
  7. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Well BBAG either way you cut it we're going to be using "custom" made vehicles (even though tons of companies order very similar models) its not like can pull an f350 off the lot put a box on it and get the same functionality wed get out of a p-8
  8. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Just because, that's why.:happy2:
    UPS designs the cars to last.
    Ergonomics and road safety,forget it.
    Don't worry about the mule Martha, just load the wagon.
  9. Dagoof

    Dagoof Member

    This is just something I heard dont know if it is true or not so dont go all Rambo on me if you know or think you know something different. I was told that the newer trucks that we have cost UPS around $30,000 now I dont see very many off the lot vehicles capable of doing what our trucks are doing going any cheaper. Also if we all ran sprinters we would have to double the amount of trucks and drivers. Not a very cost efficient way to go.
  10. City Driver

    City Driver New Member

    i know where you can get a bunch of package cars cheap cheap cheap! but you will have to strip the yellow and red paint off first:(
  11. bg7519

    bg7519 New Member

    Saw a Sprinter here at the Mesquite hub headed to the scrapyard Friday evening.
  12. Billy

    Billy New Member

    We have a ton of them for air drivers, and sometimes they get used by regular drivers as well. The fact is, by the time the shelves go in there's not a lot of room inside. Their turning radius is terrible. There even seems to be more blind spots. It takes a lot longer to deliver out of them than a regular truck. The question here should be; Why are we still in a 1854 model p1000 with a step 4" above my knee?
  13. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    For those of us who are tall, the sprinters are horrible to maneuver in.
  14. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Living, what vehicles have you seen on the road that compare to our P600s and larger? What makes and models, who is using them? serious questions, no flames.
  15. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    A lot of our vehicles are based upon existing designs...for instance the P-700's and P-1000's from the 90's were Internationals with Ford Powerstroke engines and Spicer transmissions....identical to what you would have found in a 1-ton Ford pickup of the same year. The only difference is in the frame and body, we require a much larger cargo area and longer wheelbase than a conventional pickup truck does. For the most part, existing makes/models of vehicles are too small to function as UPS trucks.
  16. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Because UPS intentionally designed these vehicles to be harder to work out of. The goal was to force the older drivers into early retirement once they were no longer physically capable of fighting the equipment for 10 hours a day. These drivers can then be replaced with new hires in progression for 3 years at a savings of at least $10,000 per year.
  17. MechanicForBrown

    MechanicForBrown Prblm found,part on order

    p32 Ford 4.2L v-6, power steering and comfortable to drive, not much maintenance required.

    P500 Gmc 292 and 4.3L straight 6 and v-6 JUNK, trucks just fall apart and are forever being worked on.

    P500 Work horse 6.0L v-8 gas and V-6 diesel International, also JUNK diesel engines have issues out the ass and the body wiring sucks!! although the gas engine is much better.

    P700 Freight liner straight six Cummings diesel, engine is pretty solid and the body stinks, major frame issues, they are slowly going to the big junk pile of metal near you!

    p700 International, 7.3L v-8 diesel, good engine, strong and long lasting, body is OK, nothing to major to deal with, will be around for the remainder of its 20-25 year cycle.

    P700 Freight liner MB904 Mercedes Benz straight 6, so far so good, only problem so far is they can't move out of there own way!!, good ergonomics, good steering and brake feel. we'll see.....

    p700 Cummings straight six Isb engine (new) so far they are good, powerful, QUIET, and feel good to drive.

    p800 GMC 4.3L v-6 time has proved this truck to be solid, all kinks worked out and other than the occasional engine and tranny replacement its a legend.

    p1000, GMC 4.3L, same as previous.

    p1000, freight liner MB904 6, just the same as it's p700 little brother.

    p1000 Cummings ISB 6, same as p700, but Bigger!

    p1000, International T444E v-8 and VT365 v-8, the first engine is proven to last, the second should have never been made from an automotive stand point! PROBLEMS running good breakdowns are eminent, smoking and low power will happen!!

    p1000 Ford, straight 6 Cummings engine, this truck stinks of breakdowns, hydraulic park brakes suck and cause most of them. should have never been built for us!

    And then theres the 1200's and 24' trucks, majority of which are Internationals and are generally OK
  18. upssup

    upssup New Member

    The problem with Sprinters is the amount of maintenance required and since the word Mercedes is on the parts box the cost of parts is terrible. If you have to replace an engine or transmission it is usually expensive enough to justify scrapping the car! Contrary to popular belief the Sprinter is as much or more than the rest.
  19. david cassin

    david cassin dublinbrown

    we have merc sprinters in the dublin hub.we have some going back to 1999 and still going strong,we have had problems with hinges etc but nothing too serious.the lads love them some power in them.
    we have some 2006/2007/2008 with 90 or 100 bhp which are very slow compared to the old sprinter van.the newer ones are p45 or p50s and have the box built in to the cab.
    they are keeping the vans for 10 years the artics for 7 (use to be 5) before cutbacks.
  20. swampy1

    swampy1 New Member

    For some of you "Old Dogs" out there I remember when the 1984/85 P80, P10,P50 showed up. Y'all loved them! Now, after your have got soft with the power steering and the auto transmissions nothing would please you.. You need to deliver out of a P400 Dodge!! That was an experience.

    As for the Sprinters they just don't last long enough to keep. High expense and short life span says we need to dispose of them. But don't worry, UPS will find another car for you to hate.