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    Why does the company continually attempt to treat symptoms instead of fixing problems. There are many issues that the DIAD could assist in preventing or even eliminate completely. Off the top of my head issues like:

    1. Sheeting commercial stops closed or NI from 12-1 and after 5. If the DIAD wouldn't let you, problem solved. When the DIAD asks if it's commercial or residential during this restricted time, it could kick it back to us as an illegal entry.

    2. COD's that are cashiers check or money orders only could easily have a prompt screen and in fact a prompt is provided for in the new contract (Art. 10 Sec. 2) yet has not been implemented. Why not? Because they are to busy retrofitting trucks with telematics instead of 3 point seat belts.

    3. DIAD could assist in helping drivers with a list of exception packages for PM turn in to the BA clerks. Scannable check off.

    4. The duplicate stop button is unnecessary. If they don't want to give us credit for another stop then don't unless we differentiate it as a multiple in the consignee or room field.

    A second year computer student could write these upgrades into the program yet they continue to make us jump through hoops.
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    Maybe because the person who does those type of upgrades is already laid off?:dont_know:
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    There is a hundred more things that could be done, but isn't.
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    Oh but UpState, go back and re-read what he said. Here, I'll help you out.

    Sheeting commercial stops closed or NI from 12-1 and after 5. If the DIAD wouldn't let you, problem solved.

    He's talking only about being not being able to show them as closed during that time. If they aren't closed, it's not a problem.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I guess I am having comprehension problems today.
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    Upstate kind of owes me one. I was a little hard on him last week when I was home sick. I think he may be looking for holes in my game. Although I'm not offering a retraction of my comments, I will extend an appology as I may have been better served to air my "grievances" with him in a personal message instead of blasting him publicly. My bad Upstate.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No harm, no foul.

    Your suggestions were all valid--I just didn't see where you had typed "Closed or NI1" but, don't worry, Tex took care of that for you.
  9. No such person

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    If you try to stop complete a letterbox pickup early you get a warning, they should be able to do this with commercial not ins.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I think the prompt for exemption scans should be on the next upgrade. I find it such a waste of time that a driver supervisor is holding a clipboard asking me how many did I pull off. Now they leave the clipboard and we are suppose to find our names and write in how many we took off. :biting:

    What a joke !! Now I'm required to SUPERVISE myself !!

    When we enter our inside building time, we should have to rescan every package that comes off the car. The prompt should stay open until we scanned every bar code that corresponds. Anything that is being taken off the car is right next to my bag and lunch cooler (so I know whats coming off the truck) right at the 2000 shelf area. I don't understand how this is rocket science to some people.
  11. DS

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    Hey bubblehead,don'cha know they need to have things to fire us for when the new center manager decides he doesn't like us. For them, the more irregularities in the board,the better.
  12. Dragon

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    Here is a novel idea.. Why don't I pay you over $28 an hour and tell you not to sheet commericial packages between 12-1 and after 5 as closed or not in, collect cashier's checks when are you supposed too, turn in packages to ECS clerk because we TOLD you too. Quit blaming UPS because you forgot (as usual) to do some part of your job because you didn't follow the methods we trained you on!! Oh thats right you have a BETTER idea you need ANOTHER reminder, because you did not pay attention during the last PCM, TW, ODS or friendly reminder the management team gave you. Remember this, if you put something in the DIAD you have to take something out its only got so much memory......Maybe we should hire the second year computer student to train you on METHODS 010111010010...............
  13. No such person

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    They should also let you note if a place is closed for the day. If a hair salon is closed mondays, ( like they all are ) it shouldn't matter when I sheet it closed.
  14. Bubblehead

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    I agree Heff. I haven't had a problem myself segregrating my exception pieces. Sat next to many warning letter receiptiants who do. It annoys me that the company initiates discipline when they ignore obvious solutions. I can't be the only one who sees these things.
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    First off YOU don't pay me.
    Secondly quit sending me OMS messages all day every day reminding me.
    I don't need them.
    Obviously they don't work.
    I don't have any warning letters on these issues. Many do.
    I'm talking about worthwhlie support, failsafe checkoffs. Instead of endless rhetoric.
    The DIAD has expanded time and again with nothing removed. But I'll say get rid of GPS. You already had that by my last stop completed.
    Get rid of the new training screen. Plenty of useless fluff.
    You may find this hard to believe, we aren't computers.
    The DIAD is!!!
    But by all means, leave the holes and loose ends.
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  16. 705red

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    Really? How about when we the drivers ask you to change our pick up logs or when we tell you that nda savers are being palled in the 1000's and should be palled in to the load. Or when a 22 foot van gets its nda paled into the 1000's with no way to get to them in a fully loaded van.

    We could go back and forth all day! Ups wanted the diads to be better than any competitors, yet there is so much they cant do! How about a prompt when you scan a package that is a misload and not in your edd?

    We are paid good, but over the last 5 years since pas/edd our workload has grown and we are just looking to assist the company in what would help us throughout our days using the diads! We do use them and should be asked for our opinions! So this way you can move the signature button down a little so every time a customer grabs the diad they dont undo the signature screen with their thumb!
  17. Dragon

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    First of all I do pay YOU. I have to send you OMS messages all day long because you (as a driver) keep forgetting to do something and I just got off another conference call defending you. Help me by telling/working with your peers on doing the job correctly so I can fix 705's p/u log. I then also would have time to go look at DPS plan and correct the PDS on the NDA savers spa-ing into the 1000 section. HELP ME TO HELP YOU!! We have also expressed our interest in having the DIAD changed but untill they do I cannot change anything. I can try and keep everyone employed and off the hit list daily. I in no why enjoy having to disicipline someone over something so small but please just take care of the small things daily.
  18. faded jeans

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    Also, put a barcode on driver followup sheets.
  19. trplnkl

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    Then quit coming up with more and more piddly crap that shouldn't be a part of the drivers life to begin with.
    In our center every driver has to list all clerk packages on a log because the clerks were not doing their job on all the packages brought back in. The log is to give the clerks a check off sheet, so once again the drivers have to take more time so someone else will do their own job and then you bitch about our PM time.
    On and by the way, YOU don't pay me, UPS does and I earn every penny I get.
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    The ECS deal could be so simple. I place packages at the clerk station, bring up the “ECS” screen, scan the packages, transfer the scanned info to a receiver port at the clerk station, like an EDD transfer on road. Or better yet, wireless transfer in the same manner as downloading EDD. The DIAD would transfer all the data needed by the clerk. The clerk scans a package and all the information comes up on a screen, NI3, Moved, NM3, etc. At the end of the clerk’s shift he/she knows if every package was properly entered. Management will know with 100% accuracy if the drivers left their ECS packages with the clerk.