Will UPS use the 70 hour rule this peak season

When do they move the dot hours to 70

  • Not this year, we our ready for peak 2018

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • We lied, so were going to need you to come in Saturday

    Votes: 32 88.9%

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If it’s brown, it’s going down
Already have 47 hours as of Thursday night, rolled 20,000 pieces today. Most of our center will be over by Friday night. So when do these :censored2: heads decide to screw us and use the 70 hour rule?


If it’s brown, it’s going down
That's not in the manual.
Always look smug and in the know is in the manual.
Screw drivers is in there too.
Evil and hysterical laughing after dispatch is as well!
Wow such high standards, too bad we didn't strike you guys might have had to take a pay cut when they realized you cant even deliver packages.


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Not that anyone wants to go over 60, but shouldn't we be getting the additional pay on our retro check. I thought all financial improvements in the contract go back to Aug. 1st.


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No way we work 70 hours. After this letter it's obvious the teamsters have our backs and would never allow that!