Working a sort after a day of driving

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    I am a part time cover driver... They are saying we (cover drivers)have to run a full day route 830am till whenever we are done then clock out of our diad and clock in and work the warehouse sort till 900 that night. Is this right . Can they make us cover drivers drive a route then work in the warehouse that night ? If so would my pay not stay cover driver pay thru out the sort ?

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    We have cover drivers who also work the preload. When they are on road they do not work on the inside---the only exception is if they are already working the preload and we have more drivers off than the plan called for. I am not sure what their rate of pay would be for working both jobs.

    To answer your question--I don't think they can have you drive all day and then work the sort.
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    They did that to me several times. I never clocked out on the diad and kept it with me. Just put it in as other work. You will get more money.
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    better to have it in your DIAD as other work activity, whatever OMS handles your timecards will silently thank you, and your hours will be easier to track for everyone