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    At my center we have been filing alot of over 9.5 grievances and I was wondering if there are a lot of other centers who are experiencing the same blatant violation of overtime as we are. Our contract states that anytime we work over 9.5 hours three days in any 5 consecutve work days will be paid tripple time for all hours worked over 9.5 hours. Our panel meets every month and this is usually a huge issue at all the panels. I personaly have four over 9.5 grievances being heard at the next panel. I'm consistantly being worked between 50 and 60 hours every week. I have had OJS rides, they have followed me, pulled my sparks reports daily and still can't find any wrong doing on my part but still blame me instead of making adjustments to my dispatch to get me under a 9.5 day. I'm not the only driver at my center having these problems but i would like to hear from other drivers on whats going on at there centers and what they are doing to fight it?
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    Our center has started progressive discipline against drivers that don't make 9.5. Not following instructions, whatever article that is, is the one they're using to suspend drivers. We've been going back and forth for about 2 years over this, most of us just finally started working part of our lunch since it was too much of a headache to keep fighting it.
    Personally I agreed to make 9.5 if they kept my dispatch at 8.1 planned day.
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    It's happening in my center also.....we have been on the new pass system now for about 4 months. for the last two month since peak they have really loaded our cars down most routes have picked up an average of 10 to 15 stops a car. we have 80% of the drivers working over 9.5.
    they have taken our time away and they are killing the drivers to dispatch the cars.....
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    My center has been on PASS for about 5 years and the 10 to 15 stops is only the begining. Once things settle down the system will track your last seven weeks dispatch on that day and start averaging that number and then it will start slowly dialing back your standards and adding more stops. Over 9.5 will become the norm and it will be peak all year. You will start seeing areas that where in all week only be in three maybe four days a week. You need to start sticking together and start filing over 9.5 grievences before it becomes the norm.
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    After peak we were told to expect allot more stops on our cars. I guess it's part of UPS's new way of doing things this year. It actually hasn't been so bad here but we've had a bunch of days where we really should have had two or even three more routes on the road. UPS will keep doing this as long as the bonus babies keeping running 1.5 under on routes that plan 10+ hours. For those of you filing and fighting this.....good job!
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    if you are instructed to make 9.5, then that is exactly what you should do; even if that means missing stops. Good grief dont cut into your lunch. That in itself sets a new standard as to what you can run and still make curfew.
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    We seem to have just gotten around to signing the 9.5 list here, sadly not too many people signed it that I am aware of. There doesn't seem to be too much concern here about Drivers staying under 9.5, just to make 10. We have been getting the ride along and were told that was to figure how much more work we would all be able to handle. I just laughed, its the only job anyone can have that even as they are making layoffs and cut backs all around you they still will find a way for me to make more money next year than I did this year. More stops means more time, 10 will get me 20, and if I can get 40 hours in 4 days I am more than happy to take a long weekend. :happy-very: Its not like we dont have the extra guys.
  8. I hear you, I was preloading and going out on my route for the longest and had Fridays off because my hrs. ran out it was nice, then they caught on to it and started to let me have a day m-th. off so I had to work on Fri. then I stopped preloading....:happy-very:
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    What?????? THEY dispatch you and it is THEIR fault if you go over 9.5. Bring it back and sheet it missed if they want you in under 9.5. Stop being a victim of UPS. Grow a pair!
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    Easy for you to say that when you are not the one who may be subject to the discipline.
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    At our center we have begged for a time study. They keep saying that we would lose time if we ever had it. Seems to me the past few years we have lost lots of time without a time study. I know this is another issue but this is another way for them to give us more work and to keep us at or above the 9.5!
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    Discipline for what? The driver did nothing wrong. He should stand up for himself instead of skipping part of his lunch. UPS sets us all up to fail by running their operation short- staffed and half-xxxed. Why should we let them victimize us by lying down for them?
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    In my center for the last 3 years we have been getting beat up for going over 9.5. We have to notify the center if we will be over 9.5 and then they will make a decision as to what to do. Our Supe's are getting a lot of heat about 'Over 9.5's'. The answer is that EVERYBODY should notify a POSSIBLE 9.5 unless they are 100% sure that it can't happen. Management is trying to get you to commit to something that is not in your job description. Your job as a driver is to use the methods, walk briskly, follow the safety rules and present a good face to the public for UPS. Making promises to the boss about the outcome of something over which you don't have complete control is a management privilege(curse).
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    We are installing PAS right now. This week was the first official week. They have officially dissolved 2 rtes. We have at least 2 old drivers that are saying that they are going to start filing 9.5's. They have been directly affected by the dissolution of the 2 rtes. I do my best to encourage them to file.:happy-very:
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    We're all "subject to the discipline". Or do you think Omega man doesn't work for UPS? Giving UPS part of your lunch because "it's too much of a hassle" is pitiful, weak, and self-serving. Omega man said it, and I agree: Grow some balls, or deserve our contempt.
  16. The mgmnt in our center keeps a weekly list of the drivers on the 9.5 list who have been over. They will send help to ensure we dont get 3 9.5's in a week, but don't use discipline. As far as skipping part of our lunch break to make 9.5 is absolutely not an option! I don't work for free!
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    I've been paid triple time on 5 seperate checks for excessive overtime. Stay consistant on your daily routine. Remember not to stop complete until just before you enter your truck. When your time studied they dont. If you stop complete at the door your time back to the truck will be added to your overallowance. This is important when delivering apts. Also enter floor numbers,and docks have a higher time allowance. If you ahve to return back to ctr to drop air and go back out make sure you enter 2nd trip. Have your fellow brothers cell phone numbers in case you spot a spying supervisor in your area, Send a text letting your buddys know to be on allert. Just a few suggestions my 20 yrs have tought me.
  18. Coldworld

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    great post article. The apt areas are somewhere where I know I loose time on. I really dont think there is any allowance difference between delivering to a house where the front door is 10 steps from the truck and delivering to an apt on the 3rd floor, 3 floors up, 3 floors down, then having to go to the apt mgr to drop off, there has to be time lost for that, even if some say that you get time for an "left at". Does anyone have the allowances for different aspects of the job, selection time, start up, etc? I wonder when these "allowances" were made, probably YEARS ago, and the scary thing is that they are based on an average. So, if starting up a car once your in the seat takes 4 seconds, there were some drivers doing it in 2...which is VERY hard to believe. Why arent drivers given an allowance for handtruck use, or for more selection time when a car is blown out. Can someone tell me how the system knows if your delivering 5 letters or 5 60 lb boxes needing a handtruck, there is going to be a large amount of difference in time between the two, and if your using a handtruck many times a day your going to loose time.. period. But everyone just seems to say, dont worry, its all "averaged" out, the stops that take time and the fast ones..thats very hard to believe. Its like what someone posted on here one time about their center getting new time studies and many people gained time, well that was not acceptable and the studies were thrown out...pathetic.
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    The reason Management is making so many drivers work so much excessive overtime is that Article 37 doesn't really say you get triple time pay.

    All it says is that if an over 9.5 grievance is deadlocked at the local, regional, and national level, (which takes months!), the UPS Vice-President of Labor Relations and the Union Co-Chair of the National Negotiating Committee may impose tripple time as one option. And/or they may just tell local management to adjust the driver's dispatch.

    The tripple time remedy, if imposed, only applies to the few hours, or partial hours, worked over 9.5.

    The three over 9.5 days must be in a workweek, not in just any 5 consecutive days. And the violations must be continuous. Not just one week's worth.

    The national 9.5 Committee has also recently weakened the rules a bit even further.

    The Master Contract Article 37 language is a lot weaker than most people think!
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    Another weakness in the 9.5 language is that the Tripple Time "penalty pay" applies only to the minutes worked over 9.5, and isn't really tripple time at all. It's only time-and-a-half. You already got paid time-and-a-half for all your overtime hours when you worked them. The grievance will get you an additional time-and-a-half, which combined, makes tripple time. At least, that's what I've read. Can anyone confirm this?

    I'm also wondering how many over-9.5 hours in the workweek you would be paid for. For example, suppose you have a history of working over 9.5 against your will and so you are now entitled to begin filing grievances. In this week you work nine hours and forty minutes each on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday you work a minute less than 9.5.

    Assuming you actually get the tripple time pay, how many minutes/hours would you get? Just ten minutes for Thursday? Forty minutes for Monday thru Thursday? Or what? Does anyone know?