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  1. pkg handler

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    well I'm a month in my progression into a p/t supe .. well it got me thinkin the past couple days about what i gave up basically..

    - a career ( pretty much .. I mean my only way out would be to be a driver .. they do hire a good number of p/t supes here as drivers too )

    - missing out on money ( i guess i wanted the intial responsibiity ,, to be a leader .. but i figured if i hung around still loading trucks maybe another yr or 2 i could make f/t inside ...)

    - no room really for advancement...

    I mean i got myself into this so this is what I will have to deal with .. my options would be to go up in mngmnt.. f/t ..etc or become a driver it seems ..or find another job when it comes time ..im still relatively young ( 21 ) so i have time to make choices .. i wantd to make a career in ups but i dont know now
  2. 1989

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    What do you mean by progression into pt supe? Either you are a pt supe or you arn't. The 6-1 off the street hire for drivers make it harder for pt supes. After a couple years as a pt supe you will know for sure if you want to go into ft mgmt.
  3. pkg handler

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    i meant its been a month since the switch over .. sorry for the confusion .. two p/t supes have become drivers in the past yr so i guess its not too bad ( well the past 8 months ) ..
  4. 1989

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    Oh, I see...It's still a 6-1 ratio, that could just be timing. My center had 3 tranfers and 2 off the street hires in less than a year...That was just timing. 5 off the street hires in less than a year, will probably never see that again.
  5. drewed

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    It all depends on the center, if none of the hourlies are interested and the a pt sup is, im sure theyll try to get it to the pt sup rather hire off the street so it could happen

    I was the same boat he was when i put in my letter i was told itd be over the summer for a ft class, i wanted the intial bump in pay and tuition reimursement, a month later i would have been in a ft class.....Do i regret making that choice? sometimes i do, i would have made A LOT of money if i had waited and gone fulltime, but i wouldnt have traded my time as a pt sup for anything, Ive had a blast, everydays something new, and ive learned a lot about myself, Ive made a lot of good friends....I have no interest in being in browns so my option is get a BA and go FT sup and make a career out of it that way
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    If I were 21 again!!


    You are young and have many options for any career you choose to pursue. Take advantage of tuition reimbursement and get your college degree and pursue your masters.

    You will be very marketable to both UPS and any other company that will assess your leadership, interpersonal, accountability skills and education as a benefit to any organization.
  7. pkg handler

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    yea i really dont want to front the money out too far .. i'd have to go to a school also that ups can cover all the expenses ( cheap school most likely )

    i think its 1500 a semester and 15,000 lifetime ..

    and on student loans i really dont feel like paying it back plus interest im not sure ups will cover the intrest also.. and if for some reason im discharged i wont be reimbursed either ..?
  8. pretzel_man

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    I was a part time supervisor 30 years ago.

    I had to pay for my own college. No tuition reimbursement, no parents paying.

    I was told to not count on a career with UPS as were all part timers then.

    I did what was recommended to you. Worked hard, got my degree, picked up UPS experience and looked for a full time job after graduation.

    As it turned out, UPS oferred me a job and I'm glad I took it.

    Seems like you're looking for an easy way out?

  9. at my building UPS offers special loans in which depending on your years of service, they pay a large amount back for you provided you stay specified amount of time and pass your classes of course. I don't remember the specifics, but at a certain stage (I believe 3 or 4 years with the company) they pay back the loans completely.
  10. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    first quit thinking youre gonna get discharged for whatever reason!

    I believe the reimbursement for pt sups is 2,500 a semster and 20,000 lifetime (its been awhile since i checked, im pretty sure its right...) plus unlike most places UPS pays an additional percentage of lab fees and books, which are the 2 major out of pocket expenses for students
  11. pkg handler

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    lol i didnt mean for it to come off as im thinking im getting discharged .. i was just saying worst case senerio i guess .. thanks .. yea i read 1500 that may be for union employes i guess then
    not at all believe me .. i respect you and what you said you have done ..but with a mortgage and other expenses its hard to front the money up front .. I know they will cover to a point .. so im goin to try to stay at that number
  12. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    oh and i guess i forgot the main point i believe IF you get discharged, they pay to the point of dischargment, i was under the impression that this is the current semester youre in, we had a girl last week quit they said it was to the day, im still thinking my thoughts on it were right....

    but it is reimbursement so youre (unless your lucky like up here you can go to school with no fin aid and pay at the end of the semester) take out loans, but of course it doesnt start gaining interest untill you are out of school 90 days
  13. BSUUPS

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    PT supervion is a great career builder if you don't limit your opportunities...Yes there is FT management ( a route I took from once being a PT sup), driving, ...but consider this...

    UPS is a very recognized and respected company...The resume building opportunites just having supervisory expirience within the company is eye-catching....on top of that, Consider your responsibilities: staffing, motivation, disclipline, labor relation, process/ quality improvment, safety training, osha compliance, other regulatory compliance (depending on your position), employee development, mentoring, and general problem solving in a fast paced environment...ALL LOOK GREAT on a resume.

    AN old friend of mine and I were just discussing what a great stepping stone the PT sup posisiton can be last week when he came in to take a tour of the building we worked together in a decade ago as PT sups...He is now the logistics director of one of our district's biggest customers and I now am the BM of the center where we used to run up and down the belts taking old school stop counts...HE aparently made something out of the resume builder.[WIKI][/WIKI]
  14. 1989

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    Don't forget the moving around. The ability to cover other areas, different shifts. You can even cover 3 or 4 pt sups jobs and a ft sup all in one day.