Worst CEO Ever?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 1980, Mar 22, 2011.

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    As my screen name implies I have been here a few years and have seen my share of leadership at the CEO position.Most in my humble opinion most have done a good job of keeping our core values of our company balanced with ever changing market conditions. Then the board gave us Scott Davis.Seems to me that he is a master of the balance sheet but is willing to upset every apple on the cart to wring out a couple more pennies per share. Don't get me wrong I'm a shareholder too, but I work in a building where everyone ( hourly and management)feels used, abused and never ever given honest recognition for a job well done.I know we can all leave ,no ball and chain on our ankles but come on now,does our size mean we can't foster a little mutual respect for one another.In most cases people who are able to love or like their job do a much better job than people who hate or fear for their job. Just my thoughts,maybe I'm wrong and have stayed around too long or possibly I'am asking too much from my employer.
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    Back in the mid-late 70's and early 80's, I used to have to stop by somewhere to let off the frustration and anger that was built up at work. Most times it was spent on violent vidio games at the 7-11. So this frustration with the job, and the lack of joy at work is nothing new. It was them playing head games with employees, and their jobs.

    BUt to your point, Scott did not cause the problems we have today. Those were caused by a shift in direction, the goal so to speak. And how to reach that goal is where the problem lies.

    Too much emphisis has been placed on the wisdom of a few at the top, with very little if any placed on the hundreds of thousands that actually keep this company moving.

    When the leader stops listening to the employees, well, UPS is what you get. ERI is/was a prime example. They could care less what the results are.

    UPS as we knew it is gone. Welcome to the new brown.


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    Couldn't agree more.
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    I don't see him, past 2012. I hear supervisors and management saying the same things. A person who never delivered a package in his life. Customer service is a thing of the past.
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    1) Scott is 59 so his leaving in 2012 is reasonable. I wonder if the next CEO is a current employee of UPS.
    2) That certainly lends creditability.
    3) Not exactly a prerequisite for being the CEO of a $50 billion/yr corporation.
    4) Been hearing that for over 35 years now.
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    Bring back OZ.
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    yes, yes, yes, bring back oz,
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    We should see if Oz would come back, That would be a great idea.
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    I miss John Rigas.
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    I'll ask the Tin Man.
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    I am sure he would say yes.
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    Record profits even during a so-called recession, regardless of what UPS workers' impressions are of him, will keep him at the helm.
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    Record profits even during a so-called recession, regardless of what UPS workers' impressions are of him, will keep him at the helm.

    Plenty of companies with rebounding or hitting new profit highs! Recession was over long ago. Economy is growing ,jobs are still lacking. Don't set the bar too low for a guy that took down 10 million but still NO tURKEY, I WANT MY TURKEY SCOTT!!!!!!!
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    From what I understand, Oz wouldn't give nothin to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have.
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    F the turkey.
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    "We're all on a first name basis at UPS"

    I used to say that to my supervisor when she called me "Mr 9Five"
    Bring back Jim Kelly.
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    Really? Jim was the CEO when we went public ... perhaps the worst event that ever happened to UPSers.
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    currently employed one
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    Maybe the least best event for UPSer's and for share holders of a stock that has not grown, or even kept even with inflation, since the IPO.