Worst Day Ever?

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    So folks, what was your worst day ever at the Monster?

    Mine happened about 8 years ago. It was mid November and began raining as I was on the way to work. It was about 40 degrees (the high). The rain increased in intensity all day and by 5 or so most streets had 6 inches of water on them. Getting around was impossible and I didn't get back to the building until about 8. Our parking lot is about 150 yds. form the building and the sidewalk was under about 6 inches of water, as was the parking lot. Nice walk after a WONDERFUL day.
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    Mine happened about 3 years ago during peak. The forcast was for heavy snow. I went in to work looked at the computer to see i had 398 stops and 600 pkgs.
    I got on area did my airs pu helper at 1030 and we were off. Around 1pm the snow was ridiculous 2 to 3 inches an hour. We had thunder snow(it was truly unsafe to be out there).
    I could see my helper losing interest fast . I gave him a longer driveway to walk off , when he gets back he said his dad called and he had to come pick him up.I think he just had enough and called dad.
    So there i was 145 pm by myself 300 stops left. The snow tapered off around 5 pm . I had 4 guys meet me and punched out at 11pm with 50 missed.
  3. stringerman85

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    398 stops? holy crap
  4. feeder53

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    The last one I remember was the last big snow storm here in upstate New York. I was called in at 1500 to run a 45 to Worcester at the height of the storm. A had worked all day that day at my other job too. It was slow and slick, but I did the job. I had to got to the compound and drop a trailer and P/U my load. The compound was not plowed and setting the dolly was tough with a foot of snow. When I got to Worcester, they asked me to go to Springfield to get another pup for a set and go back to albany, but they did not have a map to the terminal and I had never been there before, they just gave me the exit number. Found it hooked it and made it home safe.......I have had worst days at other jobs....all in a days work.
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    Just last November I was involved in the worst day for Earth City (St.Louis) UPS facility probably ever.....Something huge happened during the night sort and it absolutely backed everything up after that including sunrise and preload. When we showed up in the morning at 830 our trucks were almost completely empty as if preload had not even started yet. We spend 2 1/2 hours passing packages around and loading our trucks with the preload. We didn't even leave the building until after 11am.....Imagine all the late next day airs....250 plus drivers....I think Earth City had a total number of 1,600 lates that day....Hmm imagine why their numbers are so terrible... And why Earth City has apparently one of the worst reputations with management
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  6. can't spell WORceSTer without worst ;-)

    I can't imagine how that must have been. Driving in the heavy snow sucks in any vehicle, I can't imagine how it is in a feeder.
  7. Covemastah

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    you musta got back with little hours to spare ive done that run and add sprma to it in the snow and thats a helluvah day drivah be glad it wasn't dbl 45's
  8. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    December 9th, 2005.
  9. The-UK-Guy

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    I chugged a cold one in the center office after a hard day of work. that wnt over about as good as a turd in a punch bowl
  10. So what was the something huge that happened?
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    wow......398 stops 600 pcs........last year was my 21 st PEAK......my rookie year i averaged 400 to 500 stops every day(in a p6000)......most i did was 505 stops 700 pcs. last year was 250 to 390 a day depending on PAS !!!!!! done by 3 30 4 00 every day......i would have about 30 off at 10 am,i would pick up my helper at 10 30 and drop him off a 2 30 to 3 30 and pay him for 7 hrs work !!!!!!!!! THE KID WAS AN ANIMAL !!!!!!! WE WOULD AVERAGE 60 TO 90 STOPS PER HOUR........good helpers make you're job a breeze (if you train em good)
  12. Cementups

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    I would think that my worst was about 8 years ago. It rained for 3 days straight...HEAVY.......flooding everywhere. I was wearing a bright Orange windbreaker so I could be seen. even in the day time it was dark as night. Some management big-wig a-hole actually took the time to stop his car and put down his window to stop and tell me to take off the jacket since it wasn't company issue. I laughed and went back upon my deli veries.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    November 10, 1999..The day Ups announced plans to offer 10% of their stock to the public believing the UPS stock will rise to heights unimagined....well.....we're still waiting.
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    I'll never forget my worst day. It was peak day 1999. I got out about a mile to my area and my peice of crap package car died. Waited about an Hour for a mechanic with another car. We uloaded the first (about 400 pcs) that took another hour and a half. I got moving about 1130. I then got about 10 stops in and locked the keys in the back. At that point I figured my career was over. But, believe it or not an on car sup came out and got me going again and he told me to calm down. He even sent me help (at about 7:30). Had to be my worst day ever.
  15. PassYouBy

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    My very first day at UPS unloading feeders! Thought I was gonna die from heat exhaustion and lifting a lowering!
  16. rod

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    Twice in 30 years I broke down on Christmas Eve. Nothing like waiting around for a couple of hours to be rescued knowing all along your family is waiting for you to get home so they can start the festivities.
  17. 1989

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    It's up 295% since then. About 30% a year.
  18. Jim Kemp

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    90 stops per hour, thats about one every 30 seconds.
    They must have been standing in line behind the car waiting in line in the order that they were loaded.
    I could'nt do 60 per hour if everything went perfect and the stops were 2 ft. apart. Did you make bonus?
    One more thing, what is a p6000? Is it 6 times larger than a p1000?
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    Last peak our center hired 1 peak driver, most of the drivers had 12+ hour days on xmas eve, really sucks when they run out of helpers too.
  20. faded jeans

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    337 miles

    98 stops 10 pickups

    15 nda stops spread out over 4 counties (large counties)

    had 95 miles on the car at my last nda del.

    planned over 12 hours and I was a few clicks under-allowed