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  1. overnight local 135( that's right a company union local) for allowing the company to abolish the seniority lists, allowing the company to have secrets meeting and drawings for those special spots in the focus group without having to offer the overtime to the senior employees of the company and thanks to the company stewards for allowing their hand picked boy ****(manager - term used loosely) to operate the company with outs regards to the contract on a daily basis......

    Thank you ,***********, ************** both road company stewards, *********** local cartage company steward.. ( **** campaigned for this company steward ... that's right a member of management campaigned for a steward)......HMMMMM ....thanks to ups for the worst job I've had.....got to love the corruption at LOCAL 135.
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    You could always quit. Then apply for welfare and food stamps!! Or maybe just be thankful that you even have a job.....even if it is a shi**y one.
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    You know, that is the biggest cop out I hear on these forums: "quit". Instead of offering support, or at least understanding, heck I would even settle for constructive criticism, "quit" is thrown out there.

    Isn't it a possibility that there are gripes that we have that may actually be legitimate, and get this, may even have solutions?

    But, so what if somone wants to get on these forums to simply complain to who ever will listen.

    I wish everyone would quit these forums who suggests people should quit their jobs :happy-very:.

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    I won't argue your point, which is valid. Everyone is entitled to gripe about there job or the union or whatever it may be. He says "thanks to UPS for the worst job I've ever had."

    What I'm saying is there are a thousand people out there that would kill to make what he makes....to feed there family's or pay there bills.

    So there for if you hate your job so much, just QUIT and then see where your at.
  5. ya right...dookie, ups is a good company , but so is fed ex ...and also America is the greatest country in the world , but it still has problems that need addressed.
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    city what route do you run man im trying to figure out who you are
  7. i run a city route, you going to run to the Manager of indy to rat me out.:sad-very:
  8. I agree with the anti-"if you don't like it---Quit: and the anti-You're lucky to have a job" group.

    Yeah; I'm lucky, but not as Lucky as UPS was to get me...............