Would You Be Willing To Back A White Collar Union In Information Services?

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by jimmythetech, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. jimmythetech

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    Management, up to pay grade 19, is required to fill out an ITAS report. But how many were told that you have to fill it out daily? How many of were told that reports would be created and used as an operation report or time card system?

    ITAS was "sold" as a tool for UPS to use in order to take advantage of certain tax laws. ITAS was "positioned" as a tool for accounting to use to keep track of an applications total cost. That is why management was supposed to record time in ITAS. Now it has turned into a time card system. Now your hours and fractional hours are counted and scrutinized.

    Blizzard of 2010... you can't make it in? You have a UPS provided laptop and the ability to log into all of the systems you need to conduct business from home? Well too bad, you aren't authorized to do that. What you are authorized to do is to go into ITAS and record your time as personal time. How does that help UPS take advantage of tax regulations?

    If you have to work a "minimum" of 45 hours, then what about the over 45 hours? Why not get compensated for that at an overtime rate? If your hours are tracked to make sure you account for all of your time, then isn't it fair that the employer compensates you for the "extra" time?

    What about the increase in pay for those grade 20 and above? They continue to enjoy special pay packages but other management employees are not allowed to participate in those incentives. The disparity in compensation has moved very far apart in the past few years.

    Pay is only some of the issues, how about the QPR system? You are supposed to perform at work and then be graded on your performance. Unfortunately that is not what happens, the QPR data is altered until it fits into a predefined bell curve. Why continue the facade of working and being rated on your performance, the QPR will only be adjusted downward to control pay increases and to make it easier to eliminate employees.

    So the question is, would you support a white collar union so you could get paid overtime? Would you support a union that did not allow random performance ratings? Would you support a union that held the Portfolio managers accountable to what is fair and honest?
    Would you support a union so you can once again be treated as a professional with experience? To be recongnized as someone who can contribute to the over all success of the company?

    I would like to know how people feel about this issue....
  2. obama

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    be careful---big brother is watching---u make several excellent points!
  3. ismahchyk

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    since I don't work in IS anymore I have no reservations answering:

    A white collar union is WAY WAY WAY overdue!

    My group would single out individuals for "special" treatment. In my own situation, I had more than double the workload than others in my group, held to a much higher standard than my coworkers and was told on a regular basis that they couldn't see *how* I contributed to the groups well being. I was set up to fail miserably - stumbled a bit but never gave them that pleasure.

    I would've loved to grieve that under the protection of a union..... UPS measures for workers to deal with internal issues are ineffective.

    Boy where they shocked when I resigned last year, for a MUCH better job and MUCH better money and a MUCH better working environment. I reminded them that my time at Brown was a *choice* and I was NEVER a hostage there. I also reminded them to their dismay that athough it was a recession bordering on a depression that I *was* very busy interviewing for top quality companies all offering a heckuva lot more than what I was dealing with there.

    It's taking them now 5 people to do what 1 person was doing - that's productivity???? I'm much happier now but I'm still resentful about how I was treated during my time there.
  4. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    I'm all for it!!!
  5. randomUPSISer

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    I think this idea has a lot more support within UPS I.S. than any individual within I.S. truly realizes.

    The only way to find the real answer is to set it up and let people vote. I bet UPS would union bust such an attempt harder than Walmart.
  6. logeman

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    Many are thinking the same. Amazing the leadership is abusing the "management" team as they are. I'm all in for it. What's happening in SS is a joke. Do you know they had to fill out time cards accounting for every minute in a db they created before ITAS was initiated? Just a couple week sample to see what you do. Only to be filled out by those below grade 19. What does that say about the understanding of the business by those 19 & above? Firemen who don't manage at all. Urban told one of his managers that more than 40 hours is now required to stay off the reports. Great place to work!
  7. ismahchyk

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    Were you one of the groups who had to fill out a "special" time accounting for 15 min intervals? *that* was ridiculous!!! Once the job market seriously picks up they are in for the shock of their lives (as if they care).

    Yes what is/was happening in SS is a joke - that was at one time a quality IS organization.
  8. whiskeyagogo

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    Two years ago I would have scoffed at the idea. I'm a 'high performer' with consistently great reviews but I don't think that's enough anymore. I can get walked out the door with no notice because my job got shipped to India. My 16 years at UPS and great reviews seem to mean nothing anymore.

    I'm not sure I would back it or just leave if one started to form. It would be pretty rough going.
  9. obama

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    how would something like this start up?
  10. imaba

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    ABSOLUTELY! The time is now... management is taking advantage of all of us.
  11. ismahchyk

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    How to start a union:

    Sincerest best of luck........ Save what/whom you can.......
  12. Brown Frown

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    Count me in.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    I second that
  14. beentheredonethat

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    I don't work in IS, but have visited there and have worked in TSG in the past and also corp IE and have dealt with folks from multiple groups in NJ including PPM folks, Corp IS, Corp PE etc. Similar to other places, there are good people and bad in all areas. I don't see how a union can get you a fairer QPR, the usual union stance is not to measure folks and to give everyone the same rate of pay etc. If you become union, I see more scrutiny on people ensuring their hours are held even more accountable. I see why you want a union, since you think it will protect your job and stop outsourcing. So long as we can get quality programmers in India or other countries, I don't see this stopping. If you can leave and get a better job, then do it. But.... the grass isn't always greener at the other companies.
  15. slyfox

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    Sign me up! Hope to see that this is serious and will actually happen. Lets send them a message!
  16. Yourteamsux

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    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also interested in having a camp fire started with all the legacy books along with the policy books!!!!! The contents within this material is all bull**** now and not worth the paper it is written on... The upper Management abuses this multiple times with in an hour every hour of every day!!!!!!! Where do we sign up????
  17. Yourteamsux

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    YES....................... The leadership in SS is a flipping disaster!!! 'Special' time accounting was demanded.... Some groups in SS were also told to record time when going to the rest room as well... Are you kidding me??? I actually was shown what was required to be submitted by staff by eow. This kind of nonsense is grade school material... Can't wait for the market to pick up!!! Still looks as though that may be awhile yet with this rocket scientist sitting as president...
  18. ismahchyk

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    dude the market *is* picking up!!

    I got out so did 5 others this past fall - we all went to quality companies. If one is staying w/o doing anything right now it is by choice!
  19. moreluck

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    " we all went to quality companies..."

    I notice you don't name these "quality companies" !! Maybe one of them was Goldman Sachs. :happy2:
  20. ismahchyk

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    actually none of us went to brokerage or any of the financials - there *are* other industries that are stable amid the mess....