Yeah, but...Which is the hate group?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Oct 16, 2005.

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    The mayor of Toledo seemed embarrassed by it all. So much of the looting and bad activity took place away from the actual event and was done by local gangs just taking advantage of an opportunity created by the smokescreen of the "rioting".
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    A neo nazi rally with a police escort,is like an invitation for the bad kids to gather en-masse and rebel against a society that would allow white supremisists to have a rally.It seems to me that when people gather in groups, they tend to do things they normally wouldn`t do.I`m not sure if being in a gang had anything to do with it.
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    I agree.
    I think it was more of a "us versus them" situation and the opportunists who used the event as a distraction so they could loot.
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    I think it was an excuse to have a riot. The gangs could have gained a license to protest the nazi group. Either way it was a bad situation which could have gotten more out of control than it was. It just shows that we cannot control the element of society who continues to be a violent factor.IE gangs. People can protest whatever they want to as we see every day. No part of the society has a right to turn it into a riot. It is the attention given to it, and without the riot there would have been none.

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    I agree. It was the riot that made it "newsworthy".
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    More related stories at the bottom of page.

    And CNN reports:
    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- Police began receiving word midweek that gangs were going to descend on a neighborhood where a riot erupted over a planned march by a white supremacist group, but the resulting disturbance was worse than expected, the police chief said Sunday.

    Not surprising to see 9.5 sticking up for the Nazis, very consistent, at least.
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    Wow! Can't see where I "stuck up for the Nazis"!!

    I do condemn, however, the looting, assaulting, and torching by the "protesters".
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    How about your lead post, after the faux news link:
    Seems like the Nazis were quite peaceful, but the protesters attacked police and set fires..
    What is the world coming to?

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    From all accounts, the Nazis were quite peaceful, don't you agree?

    Stating a fact is not the same as "sticking up for Nazis".

    Are you sticking up for the looters and people who assaulted police officers?
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    If you call inciting a riot peaceful.
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    If you call a peaceful march inciting a riot.
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    Certainly gangs rioted, and about 100 of their members are rightfully behind bars.

    The larger question is why were the Nazis there? Would their presence in a predominately Black neighborhood be considered inciteful?

    This quote from the Toledo Blade may provide some insight:

    Chief Navarre told reporters that a resident of Bronson Avenue John Szych or someone in his family contacted the group.

    The chief said there was a dispute over a fence between Mr. Szychs son, a white man who also lives on Bronson, and a black woman. He added that the older Mr. Szych has made repeated calls to police about gang or drug activity in the neighborhood.

    Mr. Szychs calls were highly exaggerated and found to be without merit, the chief said.

    You and the dog should keep your views confined to the realm of
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    "..why were the Nazis there?"

    Because they legally applied for a permit. Isn't it the same as a gay pride parade? These most often occur in predominately straight neighborhoods.(I support their right to have a peaceful march also).

    "..keep your views confined to the realm of"

    My views are CLEARLY expressed. I condemn the looting, torchings, and assaults of the protestors.
    Susie, Do YOU condemn these people too?
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    Maybe gays and Nazis conjure up the same sort of emotions in your world, but I don't think that holds for most people.

    Didn't I say "rightfully behind bars"? Are you really that dense?
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    Susie, please compare your posts to mine. Why are you so hateful? You've called me dense, equated me with Stormfront, insinuated I'm from a different world.
    I've been nothing but respectful to you, trying to have an adult conversation, but you just can't do it.
    Take a deep look at yourself.
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    And you think Nazis have a place in America, I disagree very strongly.
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    Being a free country has its price, Susie.

    I may not share their views, but I do believe strongly in the right to assemble. Not just for Nazis, but Gays, Mormans, Hookers, White guys, even Demacrats.
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    can we go protest and riot anytime there is a naacp gathering? it is the same principle.
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    Just did quick research on Constitutional Law. The right to 'peaceful assembly' doesn't insure the right to assemble where public safety cannot be insured.

    Just so I understand you two, .5 & dude, the NAACP, or a gay pride group is the same type of organization as the American Nazi Party in your minds?

    Heaven help us.