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    Thanks in advance to anyone that has an answer to this. Short of going to HR and waiting around until 10am can someone answer the following,

    I started employment as a part-time supervisor in August of 2008, so does that mean on January 1 2013 I will have 5 years of service or do I have to wait until August of 2013 to be considered to have 5 years of service?

    I am asking because at 5 years I will earn an extra vacation week and nobody seems to have a straight answer around here. Everyone says something different.

    Thanks again!
  2. menotyou

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    My understanding is that they will allow you to put in on the schedule after August because you don't technically get it until then.
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    Your anniversary is your hire date. There are some anniversaries that they let you schedule the next acquired vacation before the actual anniversary.
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    You get your vacation the year you will hit your milestone. So, since you will hit 5 years in 2013, you should be allowed to schedule the extra week when you pick 2013 vacations.
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    I believe your additional week will be effective the date after hire.
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    Guess you should wait for HR. :rofl:
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    For management the rule works like this.

    Next year when the vacation schedule comes up, you can select 3 weeks. Your third week (by the books) should occur after your anniversary date. Since technically that is the date you earn it. However, many areas disregard this particular rule. (Think of the people who start near Thanksgiving time). Technically you wouldn't have earned vacation until then which would mean you'd have to take that last earned week during peak. Obviously we don't want that so we have people take their vaca early.

    However, keep this in mind. With 5 years, you will earn 3 weeks vacation. However, they changed the rules about 10 years ago for mgmt vacations. We now earn the vacation in the current year. So if you work 2/3 of the year or 8 months. Then you decide to quit. You really have only earned 2 weeks vacation at that time. So if you already took your third, you owe UPS back this vacation pay.

    The only exception to this rule is when you decide to "retire" and obviously have the years of service and age to qualify for retirement. During that year, you can in theory come in to work for one day in the new year, then take your 6 weeks of vacation (plus option days) and then be technically off the books.