31.4 years in the saddle....what now?

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  1. OK. I have waited all my adult life(only full time job outside of highschool I've ever had) to retire. My compensation: $3000 per month no insurance as I am only 50. I do not like working at night as a feeder driver. HATE it. You think package sucks.....try seeing your family only on the weekends. And if you truly don't know about changing job classification and all the seniority crap.......it still mystifies me how a person with 30 years + ends up at the bottom of the seniority ladder AT THE END OF HIS CAREER. This is how it will be for the rest of my career. So, give up 110k, 7 weeks vacation? Daughter in college, house payment blah, blah...Know this: If I could get a plum, day feeder run, I don't think I would ever leave. I'm quite qualified and trained in other aspects of our company but would have to quit to be considered.......bizarre.
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    At what point would you be eligible for insurance through the union? 55? 57? This may not be what you want to hear but I think you need to stick it out until you reach whatever the eligiblity age is for health insurance coverage. A lot can happen in 5-7 years and you may end up with the sweet day time run.
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    That has to be *your* seniority practice....

    Its different around the country.

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    Can you just bid where your seniority takes you ?? In my area,your seniority stays wheather in p/car ,Feeder or inside building. even if you go work at the airport. I would try to hang on for the 7 more years. Granted working feeders is tough on your life and body and mentality,but most would never understand that !!! good Luck what ever you do.
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    That is a question many ask when they reach your age (50 - 55).
    I know many who have kids in high school and college and they keep working.
    I have no kids in school but I do have a grandson I will be helping pay to go to a private school and then college.
    My biggest concern is the national government debt ... the easiest way for a government to dissolve it's debt is to let inflation take place.
    7% inflation for a non-COLA based retirement pension can eat away 50% of your buying power.
    I'm 57 and will work probably 3 more years just to be safe.
  6. My goal has always been for the Company to pay me for the same amount of years I was active(about 30 years live to be 80 so on). You know, we all have a vision and it always seemed like it would be better to draw retirement asap. Yes, a lot could happen in 5-7 years(drop dead among others....). I'm really afraid we'll all wake up one day and be just like American, GM on and on. With that in mind, I'd really like to change classifications(I have an A & P mechanics lic.). I talked to a UPS aviation mechanic out of DFW and he said we(UPS) have 100 mechanics laid off right now........kinda takes the wind out of your sails......BTW- it is a 25 year wait for a day run here. For such a large company, it is amazing how little opportunity(without taking huge risks, losses) we have.
  7. True. I talked with a feeder driver out of Kansas and it sounds like he works for another company! They can come and go as they please(pkg/feeder). Same with Fed-Ex. I vote against our current union leadership every election.......I would love to see some positive opportunies to allow career changes.
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    UPS will not pay for your insurance until you turn 80---they will only pay until you are eligible for Medicare.
  9. I'm talking about the pension.
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    The pension is lifetime unless you choose the spousal clause then he/she gets it for 5 years after your passing.

    In most cases the pension is less than you are making now so with one in college and a mortgage why would you want to start receiving your pension now?
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    It sounds like you are out of Indiana or Illinois ??

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    Don't worry---be happy!
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    In a way I agree. Suppose the 3 years pass and something else happens so you postpone retirement for a few more years. That also passes and soon you will become the old guy in the office who everyone whispers about behind his back.

    While it is certainly smart to plan, both financially and psychologically, for retirement, it is also wise to enjoy those retirement years.
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    Retire, go work at home depot part time and get insurance..
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    That's all fine and dandy, unless he or a member of his family has preexisting conditions, which HD won't cover.
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    Home Depot would deny someone employment who is otherwise able to perform whatever duties the job may entail, simply to keep them off of their insurance policy because they have a pre-existing condition? Isn't that discrimination, ergo illegal?
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    The thing I would worry about is retirement benefits changing with the next contract. I firmly believe that each contract will bring a reduction in retirement benefits and that waiting will only cost a potential retiree money.
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    I would have to agree with you. Those thinking that "retirement benefits" will get better in the future are in for a let down. Unless the economy starts to boom again you (we) will be lucky to keep what is offered now. Even if the economy all of a sudden took off like gang busters the "system" is too set in their ways to get generous overnight.
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    Like every job change at UPS, it gets a little better after you've done it for awhile. There's no guarantee anyone will hire you if you retire from UPS. I know a guy just a decade older than you who hasn't been offered a job in over three years. Try to get the medical if you can because that can save you some big dollars.
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    I truly believe that anyone waiting till after this contract to retire are in for a very rude reality. I would not be surprised is the biggest 'winner' in the next contract is PT wages. They cannot stay at $8.50 to start and it is going to be expensive to increase it. If I were a betting person, I would bet that that increase will be paid for by retirees or retiree contributions.