705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 542thruNthru, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. 710 steward

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    I just voted no in 710 as well. I am hearing way more no votes so far. I’m hoping it’s over 50% too.
  2. Waldo

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    I voted no too. So far talked to 5 others in my outbound and they have already voted no. I hope it doesn’t pass in 705, but I have no faith in the union and think they will find a way to pass it regardless. I got hired in July and hit seniority in mid August. With the way the contract is worded I’d only make $13 an hour, no raise for a couple years and probably no retro check. I won’t stay for that especially with the bonus going away. I need the $15 w/retro pay to be satisfied.
  3. cachmeifucan

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    Sorry you are getting screwed but keep educating members to vote no.
  4. cachmeifucan

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    13 won't be enough in November 2019 so new hires will get bonus again.
  5. Yolo

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    Why wouldn't you get raises and a retro check? It's in the master you should still get the raises every year. And the contract is retroactive to August 1. So a retro check would be coming.
  6. Waldo

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    DB1AE35F-A92C-4F4A-94CB-DD446AD9032A.jpeg Here is my vote going in the mailbox tonight.
  7. Wrong

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    I want lube and condoms in the dispatch room so I can throw them around for dramatic effect when they :censored2: me on a Friday.
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    @Waldo, read further into the contract changes pamphlet. $15/hr is in there, I think it's a letter/memorandum of understanding. I need to do some further reading, but my initial impression is it 'compresses' the wages of all PTers (back to a certain seniority date); meaning everyone in that group will be paid the same rate. The only way the Local/negotiating committee could make it up to the more senior of that group, is they will get paid more hours for their vacations.
  9. cachmeifucan

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    So say you make 11$ a hour you getting 15$ a hour if it passes. When will they get another raise. Your in package car or feeder many feeder drivers will vote yes but package car drivers may vote no because the 22.4. We shall see. I personally think the 108 dollars per full-time year should go up. Some locals get way more and cost of living in Chicago area is awfully high. How many 22.3 will make 30 years full-time. It's going to be close.
  10. BuckyBadger

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    I voted no and everyone I've talked to has as well, but for different reasons.

    Won't matter, this is getting shoved down our throats. Thanks Union.
  11. BuckyBadger

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    but...you know that won't matter, right?
  12. Waldo

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    I just reread it and it’s the wording that got to me the first time. I’ll include the pages. The first one states that all part-time hires who are hired or reached seniority after August 1st will be paid $13. The next one several pages later pretty much stated that after a new hires 40 day probationary period, their seniority date reverts back to their start date. You gotta remember I started in early July and hit seniority mid August. I didn’t know the date goes back which is excellent news in my case. I guess I met the cutoff by a month. Does this sound correct?


  13. cachmeifucan

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    Not sure but I think you will be at 13 sorry. Your hire date refers to years of service and vacation. I hope but I doubt that everyone hired up to july 31st would be at 15. Although it would be nice for the new guys.you better call the hall tomorrow.
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    Good luck. 710 took 4 days to get back to me
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    I just checked with the big union guys at work and we looked into it. I was correct as my start date is my seniority date in early July. According to the contract we got everyone who is seniority by July 31st 2018 gets $15, Aug 1st or after gets $13. Both sides have a different raise schedule.
  16. cachmeifucan

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    So you are getting 13 aren't you glad you voted no
  17. Can someone explain this Letter of Agreement proposal from 705?

    What is this Market Rate Adjustment program for Chicago? Is it something the company made up?

    It seems like the employee's that are being bumped up to $15 an hour will get a 2 year pay freeze and no retro pay.

    What is the paragraph about future MRA's talking about? Isn't this "MRA" a bonus? Bonuses are not allowed in 705.

  18. cachmeifucan

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    I think they will be frozen at 15 for awhile not sure how long. It probably has to do with Chicago minimum wage. Although cook county minimum wage is going up up towns are able to opt out. And I heard they getting some retro pay but unclear.
  19. BuckyBadger

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    No one really knows the answer to this. That's a shame.
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    Sad part, everyone says "Yes, I voted".... but the numbers don't lie.