705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

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    And if you follow section 2d, then you either strike, or get the company to reopen negotiations voluntarily, in which case, section 2b applies.

    "When a master agreement negotiated under the provi‑ sions of this Article provides for a reopener and re‑nego‑ tiation, or is voluntarily reopened during its stated term, the above voting procedure shall apply to ratifcation of the new terms, if any, and Section 2(d) shall apply to strike votes."

    The part that is being glossed over is the fact that we authorized a strike. Now, let's say that the union goes back to UPS and says we need to reopen negotiations, or we may have to strike. If UPS voluntarily reopens, per the paragraph above, then we renegotiate.

    On a side note, according to section 2e, the nnc can reject an offer even if the members vote to accept it.
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    Did it say anything about being able to wear do-rags????
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    Nope, sounds like we need to send them back to the table.
  4. UnconTROLLed

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    Too smart to go driving...no one wants to be ashamed to reprsent UPS in the public in a miserable box truck for 70 hours a week. That does not make you a bad ass, it makes you dumb.
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    For the cover of High Times? Sure!
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    Yea ok, We work for the $, not to look cool or for enjoyment, work hard/play hard
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    Does not apply. This contract that was negotiated was not a reopener of a current Master Agreement during its stated term.

    We continued working under a Master Agreement that was extended beyond its current term until the two sides could agree on a new Master Agreement.

    That clause applies if, say a year down the road, both sides agree to reopen the current Master Agreement. It will be within its stated term.

    Where does it state in Section 2 b) that we renegotiate, or strike, if the Master is turned down?

    We all have our opinions on what the IBT Constitution specifies, or means. Bottom line, our opinions do not matter. We can go on forever.

    Hoffa says 2 d) applies.
    The IBT lawyers say 2 d) applies.
    Sean OB and the International Vice Presidents even agree that 2 d) may apply, just that Hoffa did not have to invoke 2 d) since UPS was willing to come back to the table, or that he did not apply 2 d) in 2013 so he does not have to apply it now.

    And those are the opinions that count, not ours, unless the NLRB and lawsuits become involved, which I doubt.
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    They buy from union shops that help support unions. They also buy American made and American companies. You want them to buy Toyota? Cmon man. Unions support unions. And if it cost a little more, so be it.
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    Ok then buy a Ford Focus or chevy Cruze, why do they need a $50,000+ Ford Explorer. Our BAs cover a huge area, can’t imagine the fuel bills.
  10. babboo25

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    And Toyota is made in America, my Silverado is made is Mexico.
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    You’re right, I shouldn’t call you baboon. Baboons are more intelligent.

    Most of your replies are all over the map because you have no idea how things work. The only thing that matters is YOUR bring home. Why does six billion matter?? Because your compensation package is based off of that. If the company was on the red would they want give backs?? As a YRC driver the answer to that question.

    Again I ask the question, where do you see an improvement in this offer?? We lose bonus pay for Black Friday and replace what was once paid as a holiday into an extra optional day. You still lose holiday pay. There’s a loss to your bottom line for starters.

    As far as 710 is concerned, our BA’s cover the largest area in the country. Dependable transportation is a must. Selling the hall isn’t going to happen. The past administration wanted that legacy. All that follow have nothing to do with the hall or what’s in it. Selling it for pennies on the dollar makes less sense than continuing with it. Everyone still needs an office to work out of and a place for membership meetings.

    Looking forward to your reply. I’m sure you’ll have it loaded with facts and intelligent observations of our tentative agreement.
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    Nah I’m done arguing with you, really don’t want to get insulted on a forum by someone who I guarantee wouldn’t do it face to face. Good luck on your no vote push.
  13. 710 steward

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    Trust me, I’d say it all face to face and I appreciate your acknowledgment that you can’t make the argument that’s it’s a solid contract for the members. The only thing it does is guarantee there isn’t a minimal work stoppage for fearful people like you. Accept less out of fear.
  14. babboo25

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    Didn’t acknowledge anything, it’s a solid contract for the members. Minimal work stoppage would result in hundreds of lost jobs, this isn’t 1997, remember that cuz I do. $40hr/great benefits, I’ll be voting yes
  15. babboo25

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    If you wanna meet up face to face today I’m a yes for that too.
  16. BigUnionGuy

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    The reason Hoffa didn't apply 2(d) in 2013.... was because 2(b) did apply.

    "In the event such a special rider or supplement is not approved by the affected members, and the master agreement is ratified, the supplemental negotiating committee shall meet with the master negotiating committee to identify the issues which resulted in the rejection of the special rider or supplement. The master negotiating committee shall assist the supplemental negotiating committee when bargaining resumes with the employer in an effort to resolve the issues."

    2013 and 2018.... were not similar.

    The supplements that were continually voted down (2013) were because of TeamCare.

    It came to a point, where any further negotiation or voting was futile.

    And, in keeping with the broad powers the IBT President has.. he made a decision.

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  17. 710 steward

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    I am far from advocating a work stoppage. It’s always a last resort. I am voting no for a list of solid reason. You’re voting yes because you’re fearful(again your words).
  18. BigUnionGuy

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    Let's see you try and stuff 4 feeder drivers.... in a Ford Focus.

    Would you rather they try and conduct hearings.... over the phone ?
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  19. 710 steward

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    Now you’re a tough guy. Ok. Send me your address.
  20. babboo25

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    Feeder drivers not own vehicles? Did I say I wanted them to do it over the phone?